Essays on Strategic Analysis of Apple Computer Inc Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Analysis of Apple Computer Inc. " is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Apple Inc is an American global technology company whose headquarters are situated in California. It produces excellent industrial electronics and computer software. It was founded on April 1st, 1976 by Steve Jobs. He recommended that switch should be its slogan since it valued innovation at all times. Its employees are one of the highest skilled personnel in technology as they enable the company to be the world's largest IT Company. It's commonly known for its production of iPhone and iPad which are commonly used all over the globe mostly by young people, especially in China. Executive summary Apple operates in various lines of computer operations that mainly include the designing and manufacturing of its computers.

In previous years (Lüsted, 2012) explains that the company has been majorly involved in music marketing by promoting the iPad, music player, and iTunes. The inaugural of 65 recent retail openings including one in Japan has participated t its growth movement all over the world. The company carries on to toil on offering advanced products for its consumers.

However, promotion in small markets has triggered some complications that have led to its trade shares to be reduced below 5%, and its operating system varies significantly from the Wintel operational structure used by Microsoft Company. Lüsted illustrates that the software engineers are not motivated about coding programs to sustain Apple’ s operative structure since it has inadequate prospective auctions. The benefits that come with Apple's laptops are swiftly removed since the rivals can duplicate, bargain, and segment them. Despite the fact that the challenges, (Lüsted, et al.

2012) illustrate that apple possesses an advantage by having its operating system that has not yet faced the complications that Microsoft and its operating system has stumbled upon. Upgrade of Microsoft's operating system has caused it to be overwhelmed with malware attacks and other software design errors and complications that have made many hackers gain access to the network. Apple has not exploited the complications, thus the reason it has gained more customers, but the number is not broad enough to enable it to gain a considerable market share.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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