Essays on Weight Watchers International Inc.: Strategic Analysis and Future Directions Report

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The paper "Weight Watchers International Inc. : Strategic Analysis and Future Directions" is a wonderful example of a report on management. According to Weight Watchers International Inc. (2010), Weight Watchers International Inc. is the world’ s leading organization that provides its clients with the most effective weight management services. It was the brainchild of Jean Nidetch and it was birthed in 1963 with the intention of uplifting the status of women in her neighborhood through weight loss which would among other benefits boost their self-esteem and reduce the risk of weight-related conditions. Jean Nidetch wanted to help women lose weight since obesity was a problem that had engulfed them for a long time. She employed the use of simple methods such as talk therapy, whereby she would hold sessions with a group of women in her home to discuss weight-related issues.

She also incorporated suitable food plans which they would follow in a bid to lose weight. The exercise was also epitome and so was a lifestyle change towards achieving a healthy weight and thus leading a more healthy and productive life.

This company, therefore, started as a support group and eventually gained popularity and went ahead to form a network that touches up to thirty countries around the world. According to Weight Watchers (2010), up to 1.4 million members attend the weekly meetings that are held all over the world. Weight Watchers International was doing well over the years but 2009 saw to its decline as it did not appeal to the modern generations who considered it old fashioned. Prior to this, Weight Watchers International was a force to reckon with and had a large following that made it a multibillion-dollar organization.

With the dwindling number of clients on their list and evidently a huge reduction in profits, Weight Watchers International embarked on a reinvention mission with the intention to redeem her lost glory (Shaver, 2005). Macro analysis Macro analysis or STAPLE includes the external factors that may affect a business’ s productivity in one way or the other. Among these factors are the politics of the day, social, economic, environmental, legal, and technological factors. External politics has not surfaced much in the running of the Weight Watchers International.

The only politics that could have affected the running of this company in one way or another is internal. According to Brochstein (2009), the leadership at this company’ s helms has changed hands since Jean’ s reign and this has seen Heinz (HNZ) taking charge in 1978 and the Artal Group in 1999.


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