Essays on Strategic Aviation Management of Singapore Airlines Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Aviation Management of Singapore Airlines" is a good example of a management case study. The aviation industry in Singapore owns a great reputation in the world. The legendary Singapore girl lives on. This Airline has for ages been ranked among the overall best in the world. This is in line with the remarkable profits and excellent trends. It is an airline that has been severally acknowledged for setting the pace in the entire industry. The management of this industry earns all the credit owed to its success. This is incorporated with the remarkable brand image through the entire boardroom team together with the top management.

The management of this airline is been credited for exemplary professionalism measured with diversity and brand recognition. The reputation has lived on ever since the start of the airline. It is currently the leading brand in all of Asia. Upcoming brands in the aviation industry in Asia are thus under the mentorship of the Singapore airline. The exemplary leadership in this industry is very committed to the brand recognition of this airline. The Background of the Singapore Aviation Industry The airline is thought to have come into operation in 1947.

At this time, it went by the name Malayan that was later made into Malaysian Airline. This was made possible through a corporate association of both the Singapore and Malaysian governments. The brand attained a single entity in 1972 on separating from the Malaysian government in 1965. As early as at this time of separation, this airline enjoyed a distinct reputation as a number of similar airlines in the same region. Since there were very few regional routes at the time, this airline committed itself to the international limelight.

It thus sought to effectively compete with a number of foreign airlines for international routes (Kuan 2000). This competition encompassed the struggle to get into a number of airports, successfully earning the right to land and the flight slots. Luring customers into their line of operation was yet another aspect that this airline successfully managed to conquer. This tough competition that emerged from the very start of the industry offered both a challenge and an opportunity for the Singapore airline.

The airline thus established a very strong reputation in aviation an aspect that earned it brand recognition (Kuan 2000). The Growth of the Singapore Airline Brand Brand recognition for the Singapore airline came as early as the time of launching the airline. The entire system of operation was marked with excellent technology in the aviation industry alongside exemplary service provision. With thirty-two years in operation, the airline has managed to retain the same reputation. It is known to have been the inspiration into a number of innovations in the aviation industry (Kuan 2000).

The struggle to be the overall best is undisputable. For instance, it is said to have been the very first to venture into the provision of soft drinks and a number of personal effects for its customers while on board. Innovation is an aspect that constantly drives the company to its outstanding reputation. The competency of the cabin crew on a number of its flights is yet another aspect that keeps the airline at the top (John 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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