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The paper "Strategic Business of Jurlique" is a perfect example of a business case study.   In the following paper, there shall be conducted detailed research on the various changes that have been bought about in the strategic management and how these have been developed over the years to ensure that the business develops and is able to meet the challenges that have been posted by the changing global market. This is important to ensure that one develops an understanding of the organization and functioning of a company in the long run. Introduction: A decade ago the term strategic discourse was strongly supported by all individual companies and organization.

It was believed that with the correct management of resources and through a precise study of the market forces the production process could not go wrong. But with time, due to the emergence of multifacet complexities in the market system, there has been seen that it is no longer enough for most companies to just manage their resources in a most utilitarian manner. As has been specified by Mintzberg in his book ‘ The Rise and Fall of Strategic Management’ ,  two decades ago most companies and organizations firmly believed that ‘ planning could not go wrong’ .

This has not completely disappeared but there have emerged other concerns that it has to accommodate such as competition, forecasting and others. But as has been clearly specified by Karger and Malik, “ The top management of any profit-seeking organization is delinquent or grossly negligent if they do not engage in formal, integrated, long-range planning. ” There is thus today felt to ensure that the management of the resources is conducted in such a manner that they are channelized towards marketing of the products, which is usually done through the marketing of the products and creation of strong communication channels where the companies aim at capturing and retaining the interest of the consumers. In the following paper, there shall be conducted a detailed discussion on the business strategies of the company, Jurlique, which is a global leader in the industry of skincare products.

The paper will look at the industry and how effective it is in the long run. The paper will then look at the company as an example and its functioning to ensure that a detailed discussion can be conducted.

The strategic problems that are faced by the company in the long run and through this discussion will try to develop methods to overcome these problems. Background of the industry and company: In the following section of the paper, there shall be conducted a detailed discussion on the skincare products industry as it exists in the global market today. This is important to ensure that there is developed a holistic analysis of the existing system and the background in which the company Jurlique is functioning can be established. The skincare industry is a huge part of the global market and caters to a wide range of consumers at various levels.

The skincare industry is today a multi-dollar industry, which has been observed to have undergone a steady growth in the past few years. The skincare industry has developed a lot since the development of science and technology. The development of science helped the growth spurt in this industry as experts came to understand the needs of skin in much greater details.

With the development of a greater understanding of the skin, and the changes that were experienced in the technologies available to mankind, more and more products were which is an important grosser in the global market economy, with an average estimate of the industry to be around 43 Billion dollars annually. The expectations in relation to the growth of this industry that has been estimated by the experts are around 6.8 percent in the coming year, which is very high given the fact that the global economy is undergoing a period of recession.

The sales of the products are the highest in the US and in Europe, and the two combined provide for almost 50 percent of the total sales of the products of skincare in the global market. Thus, all countries today try to ensure that they are able to capture a significant amount of these markets to help them establish themselves in the industry in the long run.



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