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A strategy for Clear View LimitedIntroduction Clear view Ltd manufactures is a business organization that undertakes its activities in fitting double glazed windows and building conservatories. The current owner Mr. Joe has never developed a mission or a vision statement for his company. He also has got no management background but has been successful in the business thus far. Happily, Joe tiredness with the business management has taken a toll on him and intends to transfer the management to his two children Jane and Ben. In a strange inadvertence, Jane has a degree in management and Ben has also graduated with a degree in Environment and technology degree.

The two children also get along together and have the aspirations of expanding the business to the next level. Against this backdrop, this essay analyses the possible activities that the two children can adopt to realize their dream of expanding the business. The first part elucidates the appropriate mission and vision statements that would be germane to the Company operations. The external and internal audit of the business environment then follows.

Thirdly, the analysis and selection options are described followed by the management and monitoring strategies that Clear view manufactures can adopt. Finally, a conclusion regarding the entire process is offered. MissionClear view manufacturers partake in the business of fitting double glazed window services and conservatories works. The company mission is to provide a total and a complete array of more fitting and repair of double glazed window services with unmatched quality. The company uses experienced staff and equipment in providing its services to clients. Clear view also promises to seek a cost effective way to double glazed window fitting activities to all its clients. Vision The vision of the company is to incorporate advanced state of the art technologies in offering window fitting services and produce quality work.

Six years hence, the Clear view manufacturers will expand and become the leading company in window fitting services as well as production of other quality conservatory products across the Bloggstown and the neighboring cities. External Audit Opportunities In performing the external audit for Clear view manufacturers, a lot of opportunities are revealed that the business can grasp.

For starters, the demand for window fitting and allied services and products are still in excellent demand all over Bloggstown. The company will utilize its resources to expand the services and produce more window products. The income of the people around Bloggstown is average. This is an intimation that the company will get value for the services and products offered. The exceptional transport links within the town will also aid in the facilitation of the business activities. Consequently, Clear view manufacturers will be able to expand its business operations across Bloggstown and beyond with ease.

Production of goods and delivery of services will also be hastened thus improving the image of the business in the town. Communication processes within Bloggstown is enhanced. The Company will exploit the available communication networks to aid in disseminating the company products and services. Communication is crucial in the development of any business organization. Clear view Manufactures name is already an institution around Bloggstown. The Company will take advantage of this fact to compete with the other business in the identical line. This will also help the company to produce more unrivalled services and products to clients around Bloggstown and the neighboring towns.

The customer loyalty that is already established will help the business in its expansion quest.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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