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Strategic business management individual assignment Introduction Woolworths has grown since 1924 when it was started in Sidney. Every company has the desire of achieving certain specified organizational objectives. Every company has a purpose of existence that is spelt in the mission and vision. The set objectives seek to achieve the organization goals. Woolworths since its formation in Australia it has grown with the guidance of set objectives to achieve the current position in the market. Strategic goals are responsible of attaining the growth and sustainability for the company. Without having a clear vision of what it wants in the market Woolworth would not have reached where it is in the market.

The strategic goals are responsible for acting as the driving force in the daily operations of the company. Curving out a unique position in the market is very important for the growth of the company. Some of the strategic goals pursued by Woolworths are discussed in the following section of this paper. SustainabilityWoolworths like any other company would not like to see its resources being depleted. Human resources, natural resources, and technology are all important at ensuring the perpetuity of the company.

Company has to be in position of attracting highly qualified staff and offering them the deserved salary and allowance. The goals of sustainability are very important in making the company attain organization objectives (Barney, 2007, p. 57). The organization has to ensure that there is continuity in activities that it engages in. the growth prospective have to go beyond a year or two, but consider a generation. The company has to focus on strategic long term attainment of goals. While the company pursues other short term goals it cannot overlook the importance of long term goals.

The resources in the company have to sustain the daily operations of the company within and without the company. Sustainability policy ensures that the company is not overwhelmed by functions or operations that can lead to its demise. The organization uses available strategies to ensure attainment of sustainability. Strategies have to be refined and adjusted to fit into the perspective of attainment of strategic goals set by the company within a specified time period.

Goals have to attainable and measurable at the same time. Differentiation, diversification, and value-added services are all focused towards attainment of sustainability. The strategic goals of a company are interdependent and do not stand out alone. Sustainability is supported by growth, profitability, and achievement of a competitive edge in the market (Cole, 2004, p. 78). It is the goal of many organizations to achieve market leadership in the market. Woolworths aims at achieving sustainability through a number of strategies that comprise of cost leadership, differentiation, and focus strategy. Woolworths is committed to achieving growth through retailing that is responsible.

It is not good for the organization to engage in activities that will harm it and the community. The company is to take a role in environment conservation activities that involve suggestions of safe refuge disposal and use of packaging material that can be recycled (Cousins, 2005, p. 403-28). Sustainability is very important to every company. Woolworths is committed towards sustainable farming. The company partners with suppliers to ensure sustainable of bio-diversity. Energy conservation by use efficient methods assists in attainment of sustainability.

The company plans to establish its presence in places in Africa. The business model is simplified to ensure attainment of biodiversity. The company targets to improve its sourcing capacity.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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