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The paper 'Strategic Business Planning for KFC " is an outstanding example of a business case study.   KFC is the world’ s largest chicken restaurant chain business and is based in Louisville, Kentucky. After the purchase of the company by PepsiCo in 1986 the business operations, style and product offerings have significantly changed. The business of KFC has faced many problems over the years in the international markets. In this project, we study the internal features and operations of the company along with the future opportunities and recommendations for the same. History and Features Harland David Sanders commonly called The Colonel, after changing many jobs, finally owned a petrol pump business in Kentucky, USA.

Many travellers stopped there for refreshment and food. This developed an idea in him to open some food station for those travellers. His use of the pressure cooker to cook chicken was very unique and it also helped in reducing time and serving faster. This process is still followed by the franchises. His recipe was a hit in some few years and the demand was immensely increasing. The original recipe of 11 Herbs and Spice produced the best-cooked chicken which was named ‘ Finger Licking’ taste of KFC. External Environment of the Company There are many external environmental factors that affect the business of the company internally or externally. i.

Political Factors: The political factors don’ t much influence the operations of the company as the company to free to sale. But in some countries, the beef-based items are restricted keeping in mind the faith of some communities. ii. Economic Factors: The economic conditions of the country largely influence the business of any company. This condition also affects the consumers as the cost of franchising, set up costs, etc.

rise which ultimately leads to an increase in the cost of the final product. The suppliers of the goods bear the local economic pressure which is indirectly transferred to the buying of KFC. iii. Social & Cultural Factors: The social factors and the different social groups also can affect the working of a business. KFC being an American based fast-food company also faces the problem about the social reservations of the home country. The increasing effect of people adapting vegetarianism is also influencing the sales to some extent. iv.

Technological Factors: The world has become very technologically advanced over the years. Some customers are very rational in their approach towards quality, price and utility of the product. KFC once suffered a rumour on the issue of animal cruelty, but it fought through the situation to ensure its quality and position. Also with the use of technology, KFC has increased its sale by the process of online booking and quick services to customers using the technology. v. Environmental Factors: Different companies and product are facing different environmental issues like recyclable packaging, ISO approval certificates, global warming, etc.

KFC has shown responsibility in this field and has ensured zero discharge to the environment which has increased the company’ s cost but also helped in building a big brand image. KFC has also launched and supported many environmental safety campaigns.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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