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The paper "Advanced Micro-Devices " is a good example of business coursework.   To continue manufacturing computing devices that are likely to improve the lives of people. Mission statement. To be a leading company in manufacturing improving the lives of people via customer-centric and innovative solutions that will accelerate business opportunities. Values statement To prosper and succeed as the largest computing industry in the world by valuing people as the main players in the organization's competitive advantage so that the company can meet the needs of their clients efficiently. Environmental analysis Technical Environment AMD to concentrate on inventing advanced forms of technology with the aim of remaining the leading company in the semiconductor sector.

Additionally, to concentrate on inventing new forms of technology in the field of the computer and the score in the strategic plan will be high. Ensures that the computers it produces are fast in times of speed and are of high quality (AMD, Inc. 2011). . Natural Environment The company needs to ensure that the products it produces utilize minimal energy. Economic Environment The company should ensure that it puts in place marketing strategies that will ensure that the consumers purchase computer products despite the economic crisis being experienced by them (AMD, Inc.

2011). Demographic Environment AMD should concentrate on manufacturing and providing students around the world with modern and faster computers. The organization has also participated in training programs as well as contributing to the IT infrastructure on a global perspective, especially in Africa (Robinson, & Pearce, 2011). Cultural Environment The company should ensure that more products are produced in the months of December in nations whereby Christianity is a major religion. However, in the nations whereby Muslim is a major religion, more products should be made and sold in the month of Ramadan Long term objectives AMD long term objective is to ensure constant marketing so that it can retain its existing customers in addition to attracting new ones. To continue manufacturing modern and high-speed computers and meets the demands of consumers with different needs. AMD Company will ensure that it produces computers that utilize minimal energy so that it can compete for favorably with other Justification Opportunities In order to realize the objective pertaining to marketing, AMD will realize the opportunities outlined in the SWOT analysis. It will sell the products at lower prices.

In its marketing program, the company will take advantage of its evolving gaming program. The fusion development summits will be used as platforms for sharing ideas so that MDA can continue to produce modern and high-speed computers in addition to manufacturing those that utilize minimal energy (Lock, 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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