Essays on Motor Manufacturing Company in the European Market Case Study

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The paper "Motor Manufacturing Company in the European Market" is a perfect example of a business case study. The following paper shall be developing a business plan for a company that produces motor manufacturing company in the European market. The recent past has seen a global recession, and the economies around the world are trying to recover from the global slump, and this time is ideal for companies to set up in the economy so that it can be ensured that the organization in question is able to grow as the economy grows.

The company, Motorways, aims at trying to provide services to the younger generations or families belonging to the middle class, and hopefully, the company will be capable of achieving its goal of becoming established in the market in the long run. The long term strategic position which takes into account the various challenges and shocks that may be faced gives the company a certain amount of advantage over the others which are functioning in the market. Business Concept The various areas that need to be established when developing a program have been discussed and stated in the section below.

This is important to develop as an organization that will be evolved will follow this structure. Vision for the Organization It has often been observed that there are various reasons that lead to the failure of the profitable functioning of businesses in the country. The main reason for this is that the businesses fail to develop long-term planning and there is a lack of vision (Berman S, 2000), but they, in the short run function properly. The main vision that the company is looking at achieving is that ensuring that the organization in question is able to grow as the economy grows in the European market where the focus will be on ensuring that the customer’ s demands and needs are taken care of as per se through the functioning of the company met and also ensure that the company is prepared to face any slacks that may take place in the market. Core Values The core values that will be promoted by the organization include the following points which it aims at upholding: The focus will be on sustainability and stability of the organization; Ensuring the management of the various resources takes place in an economic manner; and Ensuring that the various needs of the customers are addressed efficiently.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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