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The paper "Strategic Evaluation of Woolworths Ltd. " is an excellent example of a case study on management.   Woolworth is an Australia-based retail company. Woolworth deals in a wide range of products starting from clothing, food, homeware to digital products. In the Australian Retail Industry, Woolworths is ranked second after the Wesfarmers. However, it commands nearly 31% of the country’ s retail markets. In Australia today, the Woolworths supermarket remains one of the top retail businesses based on sales revenues, geographical coverage, number of branches, and brand identity company runs over 3200 stores across New Zealand and Australia, with close to 200 supermarkets in New Zealand and 1000 supermarkets in Australia Key to Woolworths’ success story is its effort to invent, innovate, reorganize, and implement sound strategies at business, corporate and global levels.

As of today, the company has already gained a substantial presence in Australia’ s retail industry; the company continues to expand in Australia and other parts of the world because of his awesome business strategies. At the corporate level, a growth strategy often points to the fact that business increases the number of markets it serves or the number of products it offers, either through its new ventures or current businesses.

Based on the analysis, the organization is strategically positioned to even do better in the future. Section I: Introduction Pegged on the aspect of organizational management, this report mainly focuses on performing an in-depth of an organization, and the specific organization picked for this analysis is the Woolworths. Woolworths is one of the leading players in Australia’ s Retail Industry. On performance records, the organization has attained substantial growth and expansion not only in Australia but also in the global retail market, and given the state of the retail business environment, a number of factors can be said to have contributed to the tremendous growth of this company.

Key amongst these is the company’ s strategy of doing business, and in this regard, this report is keen to unearth Woolworths’ all-time and current strategies.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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