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The paper "Strategic Human Resource Planning" is a wonderful example of a report on human resources. University of Western Australia's operational plan 2008-2014 describes how the community (college) will measure progress in achieving the stated goals, resources requirement, and the resultant state of the college. The strategic plan enables the university of Western Australia to identify its key goals and objectives for a period of 5 years. The college aims at providing quality education services within and far outside the state. The college objectives are to improve the quality, repute the MBA level, and increase the flexibility and significance of the undergraduate programs.

The college also strategizes on various sources of funds to cater to daily increasing financial needs for development and increase the number of staff to support students and for expansion. To attain these goals and objectives, the management, the committee, students, staff, and donors have to assure their commitment and contribution towards the attainment of anticipated mission. HistoryThe theology of the University of Western Australia is a fundamental unit in the country of Australia. It was started back in 1911 under the state authority which was the only free learning institution at that time in the British Empire that offered its training services to all individuals.

The university was first started to improve the economic status of Western Australia. Later it provided open doors for other courses and for the University to begin a school of business the university is situated on the Noongar land in Australia. Its establishment is said to have made many of the people to realize their dreams, shape, and develop the graduate’ s careers. In the earlier decade, only a few students graduated but they went on increasing in number.

Australian western university was established by Sir John Winthrop Hackett whose passion and support made it possible to a series of endowed chairs, faculty fellowships, and scholarships. This college has steadily grown and achieved national recognition in specific disciplines such as its strength on faculty expertise, scholarship and educational programs. The college reputation is being enhanced by its improved programs and performance. SWOT AnalysisThis is a tool used to examine organization’ s internal strengths and weaknesses, its environments, opportunities and threats which influence the formulation of a strategic plan and in decision making.

The following is the SWOT analysis of western university of Australia.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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