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Essays on Understanding the Importance of Human Resource Function and Bringing Certain Consistency and Coherence Essay

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The paper “ Understanding the Importance of Human Resource Function and Bringing Certain Consistency and Coherence” is a thrilling example of the essay on human resources. Human Resource Management is a very integral part of every organization. Every organization has a department that looks after recruiting, selection, training, and development of the employees. The role of human resources increases with ever-increasing competition. It is very imperative that the organization has the right workforce so that the resources could be effectively utilized for the development of the organization. The role and scope of human resources have increased with developments.

It is important for an organization to see that this department is performing its duties towards the wellbeing of the organization and if any changes are required it should be dealt with. Despite the development witnessed in the field of human resources still, human resource practices lack consistency and coherence. Before moving on it is important to identify the key terms which will help to understand the manner in which human management lacks consistency and coherence. The concept of best fit according to human resource management is hiring the correct talent and then grooming him to take a position of responsibility in the future.

This can further be substantiated with the different areas of management like compensation, succession planning which ensures that the concept of consistency and coherence for the organization. The manner in which human resource function has developed over the years seems to lack certain consistency and coherence as an organization instead of looking towards hiring the best talent look towards hiring more employees on the basis of favoritism. The practices and manner in which human resource has developed are seen to lack consistency as different organization and generation has given a different outlook to human resource.

The growth in generation Y and the manner they carry about their work compared to previous generations and the integration of technology and work-life balance that influences their lifestyle. (Yamamura, Birk & Cossitt, 2010, p 58)


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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