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The paper "Strategic Human Resource Management" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Most businesses may have HR departments to carry out HR functions and even those that lack or don't have a full-fledged HR department opt to outsource HR functions (Lawler & Boudreau, 2009). The major HR functions include manpower planning that entails determining the possible number of future employees and qualifications required; analyzing the requirements of a given job and describing succinctly these jobs; determination of salaries and wages for the various positions in a company; recruitment and selection of employees in conjunction with managers; assessing and improving employees’ performance through performance appraisals; training and continuous development of employees to improve their efficiency; catering for the employee welfare including motivating them and addressing their grievances; managing employee relations; implementation of business policies together with line managers; and dismissal of unruly employees and elimination of redundancy (Regis, 2008). Some managers argue that HR is an ancillary function rather than a business function because the department does not take part in the daily running of most business activities unless the company is an exclusive HR outsourcing company.

This argument is also supported by small businesses that can only occasionally seek HR functions from a specialized HR organization when they need such services. To such businesses, HR only serves to subordinate their main business activity (Mayhew & Media, 2014). Question TwoSome of the challenges that may face businesses and HR in the near future include a possible increase in difficulty in retaining and rewarding excellent employees (Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM], 2012). According to SHRM (2012), almost 59%of HR professionals are of the opinion that retaining the best employees will not be very easy.

Due to the increasing competition among businesses, there is an equivalent increase in a collaborative effort among employees in achieving company goals making it difficult to reward a few employees with a real performance for fear of unhealthy competition among employees.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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