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The paper "Concept of Strategic Human Resource Management " is a great example of management coursework.   Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) has been and still remains one of the most robust and significant ideas to have appeared in the realm of business management in the last two and a half decades. Subsequently, the policymakers at the levels of diverse governmental frameworks have borrowed on this idea with the sole aim of promoting ‘ elevated performance workplaces’ as well as ‘ human capital management’ . In the corporate sector, the general idea that the manner in which the human resource is managed could be one of, if not the most integral factor in the whole range of competitiveness inducing variables has gained extensive acceptance in the course of this period (Salaman et.

al. , 2005). Against this backdrop, this paper will give a comprehensive definition of the concept of Strategic Human Resource Management. In addition, it will explore three activities that an HR manager will need to undertake, using relevant examples to reinforce the discussion. These activities are formulating and implementing HR programs, policies and practices, job and work design as well as fostering commitment and motivation of the employees.

These are explored in the subsequent section. Definition In a generic sense, Strategic Human Resource Management practice can be perceived as the decisions as well as actions which are related to the management of the employees at all levels in the business. It is linked to the execution of strategies geared towards the sustainable competitive advantage of the firm (Miller, cited in Pinnamaneni et. al., 2003). Additionally, Wright and McMahan (cited in Pinnamaneni et. al., 2003) defined SHRM as the pattern of the planned deployment of human resource and activities aimed at enabling an organization to attain its goals.

In this definition, there is the implication of four major components of SHRM. Firstly, this definition focuses on the human resource in the firm which is the core resource which is to be strategically harnessed as the primary source of competitive advantage. Secondly, there is the concept of activities which to a great extent highlight the human resource programs, practices and policies as a mechanism through which the people in the firm attain competitive advantage.

Lastly, there is both pattern and plan which are a description of the goal and process of strategy which is described as the fit. Therefore, the people, planned pattern as well as practices in this definition are all significant in the achievement of the goals in the firm. Activities are undertaken by the HR manager There are several activities which ought to be undertaken by the HR manager in any given firm aimed at the achievement of the organizational goal previously mentioned. Nonetheless, this analysis will major on three activities namely Formulating and implementing HR programs, policies and practices This is an integral undertaking of the HR manager.

This can encompass training programs aimed at enhancing the level of skills and knowledge among the employees, performance appraisal systems among others. These undertakings have been cited as being key in employee retention as well as in elevating the performance of the organization. This is best epitomized by Hong et. al. (2012) who determined that the effectiveness of the undertakings by the HR manager in terms of appraisal system compensation, employee empowerment as well as training and development are the core factors for both the short-term as well as the long-term success of a firm in employee retention.

In addition, some of these programs which are formulated and implemented by the HR manager, for instance, training and development aid in the development of a climate of learning- a growth medium under which learning which is elf managed, mentoring, coaching as well as training flourish (Caliskan, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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