Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management at AT&T Company Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Human Resource Management at AT& T Company " is a good example of a management case study. Due to the growth and rise of modern technology, the communication industry in the United States of America is probably one of the fastest-growing industries. This has led to the increase and development of many telecommunication industries among these being the AT& T Corp formerly known as American Telephone and Telegraph Corp that offers telecommunication services such as next-generation TV services, mobile services, smart solutions and high-speed internet for other businesses and people ("AT& T Company Information | AT& T About Us").

AT & T Corp is one of the oldest companies of telecommunication used to serve alone the whole of United States of America and Canada but later due to the rise of competition other companies has grown to offer the same("AT& T Company Information | AT& T About Us"). The organisation has advanced to an extent it delivers the above services to 3.5 million businesses on six continents and their high-speed internet serves about 365 million peoples in North America including 51 million in Mexico ("AT& T Company Information | AT& T About Us"). The level of competitiveness in the industry In the early 19th and 20th century the AT & T Corp had the monopoly advantage and used to control all telecommunication services ("AT& T Company And Contact Information").

However, due to the rise of different pressures of change like technological change, the rise of telecommunication as the corporate resource and hike of a market-driven political economy other different companies like the British telecom has expanded and taken the control of most of the continents. Although the AT & T Corp still serve the largest population in the USA, other companies like Century Link, Verizon, Sprint, and Fairpoint still offers the same services and occupy bigger areas with different propositions to customers thus industry highly competitive between those companies ("AT& T Company And Contact Information"). External stakeholders, the current trend in the industry, nature of work, current strategies, products and services and the current level of performance. The industry has a variety of external stakeholders who help in the continuity and progress of the communication companies.

AT& T Corp uses different sources of energy from various companies ("AT& T Outage Or Service Down?

Current Problems And Outages"). In 2008 the company developed scorecards which were intended to evaluate power consumption and project activities. The scorecards have developed an easy understanding grade of 2000 of the company largest energy consuming sites. Through sharing these grades, facility managers are able to work towards overcoming any challenges facing the use of energy("AT& T Company Information | AT& T About Us"). In addition, the company has introduced more related ideas which have contributed to the innovation of more than 4000 such projects leading to saving of more than 362 million between 2010 and 2015 ("AT& T Outage Or Service Down? ").

The organisation has also developed a Saving Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) which has helped to fund upgrades efficiently without the need of adding more capital. On another hand, the company uses technology to handle challenges and find solutions so as to use energy more efficiently. For example, the company has developed the Project ICON (Intelligent Connection of Facility Network) which uses the network to get information from business equipment across the country enabling to manage data from one single central point thus having a common baseline of operation (AT& T Company And Contact Information).

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