Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management in Telstra Corporation Limited Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Human Resource Management in Telstra Corporation Limited" is a great example of a human resources case study. In any organization such as Telstra Corporation Limited, a strategic framework for managing the human resource is key in order promotes long-term business goals and outcomes ("Strategic human resource management - Factsheets - CIPD", 2016). It involves attracting, rewarding, developing and retaining staff to ensure both the individual employees as well as the organization benefit as a whole ("Strategic Human Resource Management: Definition & Importance - Video & Lesson Transcript | Study. com, " 2016).

Strategic human resource management needs to partner with all the departments of the organization to ensure success and achievement of the set goals (Garcia-Carbonell, Martin-Alcazar, & Sanchez-Gardey, 2015). It ensures that the organization's code of ethics, culture, organization structure, culture, and appropriate communication channels are followed. Several key recommendations are necessary to improve the strategic human resource management for Telstra communication company. 1. New product innovation, diversification and cutting cost measures Downsizing a large number of employees in an organization is often not a good idea especially for a multinational company such as Telstra.

laying off leads to negative publicity and may reduce customer loyalty towards their brand. Furthermore, employees who are not laid off may lose the morale while doing their work since their job security is not guaranteed ("Be Careful: Downsizing your Workforce Downsizes Innovation, Too | Innovation Management, " 2016). The staff themselves will be adamant to participate in anything that improves the quality of their services since they are unsure of the future ("Layoffs, Downsizing, Reductions in Force: RIF | HR Topics for human resources", 2016). To counter such a situation, Telstra can invest more in product innovation to create more opportunities for the staff that seems to be redundant.

The management should put more effort into research to come up with technologically advanced services that suit the market needs and are efficient. It is also an important strategy for diversifying their market base and removing non-profitable products. Consequently, more profit will have realized which can be channelled back in hiring a more skilled workforce. More cutting cost strategies may include mandatory unpaid vacations for the workers, cut in overtime pay, salary reduction as well as hiring freeze ("HR STRATEGIES THAT CAN TAKE THE STING OUT OF DOWNSIZING-RELATED LAYOFFS • ", 2016). 2.

Changing the leadership and organizational structure Leadership conflicts are common in any organization. A range of disputes may arise as a result of a junior employee having the feeling that they are harassed by an authoritative staff in the organization. Especially when it involves a human resource manager and other senior personnel in the organization, it becomes a reason for concern. Telstra company requires a good leadership structure for effective change ("A More Powerful Leadership Structure for Effecting Change ChiefExecutive. net | Chief Executive magazine, " 2014).

The role of each senior manager should be clearly defined to avoid clashes that may arise as a result of merging duties. The management should adopt new ways of planning, organizing, leading as well as controlling the framework of the organization. Teamwork towards the achievement of the set goals is encouraged to foster positive work attitudes and unity among the staff ("Principles of Management 1.0 | Flat World Education", 2016).

Benchmarking with another reputable organization to observe how their leadership structure has led to the success of their firms is also a necessary move that needs to be taken by the management. It will increase the leaders understanding and widen their perspectives and set their minds on what is best for the company ("Strategic Culture Change | INSIGHT: Leadership & Organizational Effectiveness", 2016). Every venture undertaken should incorporate all employees and proper communication channels applied to ensure timely feedback. Seniors should be good role models to their juniors by conducting their duties as stipulated without failure (2016).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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