Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management in the UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Human Resource Management in the UAE" is a good example of a management case study. Human resource is well-thought-out as one of the organizational assets that provide a platform for sustainable competition. The commercial sector is undergoing several transformations such as globalization, focus on profit maximization, labor demography, and technological advancements. The drive of the study is to deliver an understanding of the application and perception of Strategic Human Resource Management in the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi. Further discussions compare the perception and application of SHRM in other parts of the world and the transformations that have gone through the management practice. Strategic Human Resource Management Strategic human resource management is widely viewed as the human resource management activities that contribute to the success of the business.

The core success of business and organizations is directly linked to the effectiveness of Human Resource Management activities. Strategic human resource management also refers to the pre-emptive management of humans as a resource. The strategy calls for fast thinking and planning by the human resource to enable the company to meets its objectives in time.

creating a human resource plan for strategic human resource management requires the planner to put into consideration the employee's demands and what the company or the organization is in a position to offer (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2011). An effective strategic human resource management requires a full understanding of the organizational planned objectives that need to be achieved within a period of time. the strategy is also aimed at improving the business or the performance of the organization by developing policies and practices that are aligned with the organization's objectives. Strategic human resource management is the practical approach to managing human as an important resource for the organization that provides long term support to the success of the business or organization.

The strategy focuses on people's issues of concern, values, quality, culture, and commitment that are in line with the working environment. The strategic process defines intentions that allocate a consistent need for resources that are aimed at promoting the organization's goals and strategic plans for success (Armstrong & Armstrong, 2011).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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