Essays on Human Resource Management Goals and Objectives Coursework

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The paper "Human Resource Management Goals and Objectives" is a great example of management coursework.   Strategic human resource management is invaluable to the success of any organization. Strategic human resource management seeks to accomplish the long term goals of an organization using human resources available while ensuring that the objectives and goals of the organization are aligned with the available human capital in terms of skills, knowledge and abilities. Strategic Human resource management ensures that the human capital in the organization in terms of human resource is available and suitable to prevailing needs.

There are various challenges facing strategic human resource management that have to be dealt with by the human resource manager before any success can be realized. This essay explores those challenges affect the accomplishment of strategic human resource management and human resource management goals and objectives. It commences by defining the concept of strategic human resource management and goes ahead to describe the challenges that human resource managers face. Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Human resource management refers to the productive use of human resource in attaining the strategic business objectives of an organization, as well as the satisfaction of individual needs of employees.

Human resource management determines the success of the use of human capital in any organization (Sudhir, 2005). Strategic Human Resource Management deals with connecting all Human Resource activities with the strategic objectives of an organization. The organizational values have to be reflected in the SHRM objectives. The human resource policies, objectives and plans have to be judged by how good they assist in the achievement of strategic business objectives of an organization. Challenges facing an HR Manager The first challenge facing a human resource manager is Managing Workplace diversity.

Diversity at the workplace comprises of; but is not confined to ethnicity, age, gender, ancestry, race, physical abilities, educational background, sexual orientation, income, geographical location, military experience, marital status, parental status, work experience and religious beliefs. The success of an organization in the future depends on the capacity of the human resource manager to manage diverse talents that result into creative ideas, views and perspectives to their work (Dekker, Rutte & Van den Berg, 2008). The problems and challenges as a result of diversity at the workplace can be turned into a strategic asset if a firm is able to on the melting point of talent diversity.

Having a diversity of talents can place an organization in a position to respond aptly to opportunities in the market in a creative way (Armstrong, 2006). There is the challenge of integrating individual diversity with the organizational culture to ensure corporate uniformity. There is the challenge of human resource managers having to deal with a multigenerational workforce that has diverse needs that have to be met.

Making everyone happy within the same environment across several generations is a challenging task for human resource managers. Baby boomers, traditionalists, Generation X and Generation Y have distinctive and varying characteristics at the workplace. While healthcare benefits may be very important for traditionalists, a fitness gym or entertainment allowance will be more exciting for the generation Y and X. it is challenging trying to keep everyone happy in the same working environment. In recent years Australia has witnessed an upsurge of women in the workforce (Metcalfe, 2008). Flexible work practices, childcare support and workplace culture has led to more women participation.

There are older women being found at the workplace due to self-fulfillment, financial pressure owing to the global financial crisis and social relationships.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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