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The paper 'Strategic Management Human Resources and Leadership" is a great example of a human resources assignment. The major differences between strategic HR and operational HR are based on their outlook and functions. The operational HR main focus is on immediate and short term needs while the strategic HR focuses on long term integration. Day to day tactical operations is handled through operational HR while the planning role is carried out by the strategic branch of HR. Activities performed by operational HR include employee relations, recruitment, training, performance reviews.

Strategic HR tasks involve preparing the training modules, setting training timelines, employee empowerment, setting performance metrics and training supervisors on employees’ motivation. An example of strategic human resource activity is McDonald’ s performance appraisal system which has been very successful (Loosemore, Dainty, & Lingard, 2003). Fig. 1, HR roles What are the core strategic HR activities? Strategic HRM deals with the organization's intentions on how it can achieve its goals through people. Strategic HR looks at the human as a capital and a source of the competitive advantage. The core activities involve human capital development through recruitment, training, development, establishing employee relations.

Strategic HR is also tasked with determining employees’ performance metrics, establishing means of employee motivation and carrying out employee evaluations. Through strategic HR activity, the organization is able to determine where it wants to go and how to reach there (Loosemore, Dainty & Lingard, 2003). Fig. 2 HR strategy What is the relationship between corporate strategy and HR strategy? There is a strong connection between corporate strategy and HR strategy. HR strategy in modern business is integrated with the business strategy. For example, developing strong human capital is needed for the success of the business strategy.

Human resource management interacts with the executive leadership to come with goals for the overall business. HR strategic goals are aligned with the corporate strategy. Through the connection of both HR strategy and corporate strategy leads to organizational effectiveness. The integration of the HR strategy with the corporate strategy gives HR professionals an opportunity to contribute to business strategic success.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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