Essays on Strategic Information Systems Assignment

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The paper "Strategic Information Systems" is a good example of an information technology assignment.   Automated testing tools have always eased the work of testing, with lots of advantages to the organization, however, it has some setbacks that may make an organization choose manual testing over it, some of the demerits include the fact that it demands proficiency to be able to create and maintain it, run it and also to customize the scripts according to the requirements of the test. It also has problems with maintenance where it requires high maintenance from the experts.

In the case of a large automation suite then the maintenance cost will be very high. Automation errors are a major setback here since if they go undetected, they will give false testing, also considering that they are always hard to detect, and they may only be detected after the damage to the test has been done, mostly through the launching and falling over of the software. Every management often need a cost-effective method of testing, automated testing has proved so expensive due to the licensed tools for testing, expatriates involved, the maintenance cost of play-back, as well as the initial cost for starting the test.

Other problems include training of the staff on using the technology, much time needed for its implementation, susceptibility to damage, slow test throughput, need for debugging, the sensitivity of GUI which may lead to the replacement of scripts, inability to gauge the usability of materials, lack of human insight as well as its probability of producing results that are conflicting (Dustin, 2000). In undertaking the automated test, the following steps are necessary Plan step This is the most crucial step since the changes are geared to bring better output results.

The goals and targets have to be determined, various methods of achieving the goals are compared to get the best results, then the revision or designing of the components is done for better outcomes, finally, education and training is then considered. Expected output has to be the primary focus while accuracy is paramount.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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