Essays on Strategic Leadership Characteristics in the UAE Police Literature review

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The paper "Strategic Leadership Characteristics in the UAE Police" is a wonderful example of a literature review on management. Identification of strategic leadership characteristics in policing seems to be hard due to either the secretive nature of the job or for security reasons. It is therefore not surprising that in the absence of such information no studies have been conducted on this issue especially in the UAE. Thus, the lack of such information motivates us to develop an understanding of leadership characteristics in policing in UAE. The main single-mindedness of this study is to identify the top five leadership characteristics that are significant to improving leadership performance in the UAE police.

To understand these strategic leadership characteristics broad methodical literature research will be conducted. First, the basic concepts of strategic leadership characteristics will be identified. The key differences between 'good leadership characteristics' and the related concepts of 'traits, qualities, personalities, behavior, and attributes' are discussed. The second section will be an observation of the top five predominant and contemporary characteristics in the UAE police strategic leadership. Then a review and analysis of the key strategic leadership characteristics that have been addressed in various research works.

Finally, a discussion of the potential impact of the key strategic leadership characteristics on leadership performance will be carried out. The Basic Concepts of ResearchIn this section, several definitions of leadership terminologies that will be used in the literature review will be looked at. It will also include the definitions of terms like a leader, leadership characteristics, and the related concepts of traits, qualities, personality, behavior, and attributes. 1. Leadership and Strategic Leadership Characteristics1.1. LeadershipThere have been so many definitions that were given to exactly explain what leadership is.

It shows without any doubt that leadership is a broad topic of discourse. Along with this aim to define extensively what really is leadership, comes leadership theories, their styles, and characteristics. Different schools of thought have their own specified definitions of who a leader is or should be but for the purpose of this study, we will be using some definitions that are deemed significant in terms of leadership characteristics.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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