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The paper "Planning a Strategy for Success" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. In the competitive world of today, a company needs to continuously evolve new strategies and execute them. A winning strategy is one that not only differentiates the company’ s products and services but also one that has a differentiated organization structure. Strategies are successful only when the management has a clear idea of the competitive scenario and the industry peculiarities. Corporate governance is perhaps the most crucial ethical issue in businesses today. In an increasingly complex world of globalized business activities, CEOs and other executives, under the pressures of achieving winning strategies, are exposed to ethical dilemmas related to finances, products, and other business practices. In order to develop a strategic plan for Emaar Properties, it is essential to study both the external and internal environment in which the organization functions.

Emaar Properties is undertaking the construction of the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai, as well as a host of other residential and commercial buildings in Dubai. It has employed a huge number of expatriate construction workers, mostly from India.

This report will chalk out a strategic plan for the company and the labor department, in which I work, to ensure that the growth of the company is sustained and the reputation of the company in labor-management is not tarnished. Research methodology The paper will first elaborate in detail the background of the company in terms of its activities, the market, the customers, its mission, and its vision. Defining the terms strategy and strategic management, it will then define the company’ s strategic goals. The next stage of the analysis will be to study the external and internal parameters of the organization to generate strategic options for the future.

The last stage of the exercise would be to analyze the role of the department and its strategic management options. The strategy is developed on the basis of an analysis of the Dubai real estate market, the growth chart of Emaar Properties on the basis of information gathered from newspapers and web articles, and relating these to various strategy theories. Organizational background Industry background The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has seen an unprecedented high rate of growth since the discovery of oil reserves in the region.

However, the demographic of UAE is curious, since only 29% of the population was UAE nationals, according to the latest census in 1993. UAE thus has one of the highest numbers of expatriates in the world. Further, the population is relatively young, with a median age of 30 years for the male population and 20 years for females. Most of the immigrants are from Asia and a large number of lives in collective accommodation.

The income level, expenditure patterns, and lifestyles vary widely across sections of the population. Although the state of Abu Dhabi is the major center of economic and political activities, Dubai is the center of finance, commerce, transportation, and tourism. Despite a large number of expatriates, 51% of commercial and industrial establishments are owned by UAE nationals (Heritage, 2006). Dubai, in particular, is undergoing a frenzy of construction work. The tallest building and the largest shopping mall of the world are under construction as are a number of sophisticated theme parks, replicas of pyramids, and Babylon.

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