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Executive SummaryThe report presents a strategic position of CSR limited, considering various measurement metrics. The report considers the financial performance of the company, over the four-year period from 2008 to 2011. The company’s performance suggests that the financial performance was on a downward trend. This justified the sale of Sucrogen, as attested by the positive performances reported in the year 2011 results. Various analytical metrics are used, which suggests that the external opportunity, which exists, can propel the company to greater heights. The company also has internal strengths, which can be utilized to gain strategic competitive advantage.

The Industry and Competition Analysis, suggests that the company is in a viable industry. Company analysis shows that with the sale of Sucrogen, the financial analysis suggests better performance. The results of Macro-environmental Analysis (Economic, Social-Cultural, Political, Technological, Geographic, agrees with the view that the future performance of the company, is bound to substantially improve, in the positive direction. Introduction CSR was founded in Sydney in 1855 as the Colonial Sugar Refining Company. Currently the company is the leading building products provider in Australia and New Zealand; in addition, the company trades in Asia.

The company has enjoyed more than a century in the business environment and has broadened its portfolio to embrace a wide range of leading products and services. Whereas the company began in the sugar industry, Wilmar International purchased its sugar and renewable energy company - Sucrogen - in December, 2010. The company up to then dealt with production of renewable electricity and ethanol, milling of raw sugar, manufacturing, and distribution of refined sugar products. In addition, the company operated in diverse business sections including Property, building products and Aluminium.

The Company, which publicly trades in the Australian Stock Exchange, has expanded shareholding with principally Australian fund managers and retail owners. CSR limited with joint ventures and its subsidiaries operates across China, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Assumptions In the research, several assumptions were made. The company, stopped its sugar production unit in the year 2010 and it sold off part of the business. The previous year’s financial statistics have the sugar production as part of the company’s financial constructs.

Furthermore, the company has not released the detailed financial findings for the year 2011, the strategic management shall be based in the findings of the year 2011 and 2011. As per the date of writing the strategic management plan, there are no comprehensive financial findings on the company, independent of the sugar production. There may be substantial impacts in the company having sold Sucrogen the sugar and renewable energy company. Utilizing the case study, it is presumed that the responses offered by the respondents as true and a correct reflection of the correct performance of the company.

Situational AnalysisThere are several internal and external factors which have an impact on the advancement of CSR towards attaining its strategic objectives. A major undertaking by the company in the last one year is the company’s sale of Sucrogen to Wilmar International for a total payment of $A1.843 billion. There are several external factors that influences the performances of the company, these are the opportunities and threats identified. The internal factors are identifies as the strengths and weaknesses. Situation analysis is wide and it includes SWOT analysis, industry and competition analysis, company analysis, stakeholder analysis, portfolio analysis and Macro-environmental Analysis (Economic, Social-Cultural, Political, Technological, Geographic,

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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