Essays on Current Condition, Objectives and Strategies of Quickflix Case Study

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The paper “ Current Condition, Objectives and Strategies of Quickflix" is a  breathtaking example of a case study on marketing. Quickflix Limited is an Australian company that deals with the production of online movies (Baillieu S. 2011). Quickflix is a public company that is registered in the Australian Stock Exchange market. Formerly, the company was a start-up business venture but it has moved to be a registered media home and Leisure Company with a full business service that operates in a highly changing and expanding the market. It is one of the prominent leaders in the marketing of online DVDs in Australia.

Though the use of DVD rental in Australia is still developing, its market is taking off in the world markets especially in America where the famous company Netflix has a significant number of subscribers in the present time. Several factors in Australia are creating a favorable climate for the growth of Quickflix Limited. These factors include increased consumer interest in home theatres, higher demand in DVDs, increased home broadband connections and a decrease in cinema attendance among people. Quickflix Limited is currently famous for its internet advertising and in the provision of entertainment services such as DVD rental.

Quickflix Limited has many DVD titles that make its consumers get any DVD they want from this company. This company helps its consumers to choose movies online and then have the movies delivered to them by the company (Baillieu S. 2011). This allows consumers to watch movies any time they feel like and return them at their own time because there are no late charges for movies that are not returned at the right time.

Moreover, consumers are also able to choose from their convenience while Quickflix Limited ensures free postage for all the movies rented from the company. In addition, there is a free trial for all movies in order to ensure that the client chooses the movie of their choice. There are different plans that are provided for the choice of movies in order to ensure that people choose the movie of their convenience. The DVD rental provided by Quickflix Limited allows clients to choose the TV shows and films that they want to watch and wait for the company to send them and this enables the clients to watch them during their leisure time. Quickflix Limited has continued to provide quality services by responding to customers efficiently and through a significant expansion of the content library.

In addition, this company has also used the strategy of investing in expertise and operating policy as well as launching a new version of its service that helps in the operation of the DVD library (Baillieu S. 2011). Quickflix limited has also tried to partner with Fairfax to help in future operations.

The Quickflix Limited has used marketing and promotions especially by making use of its distribution partners such as Fairfax and Optus as its base in order to advance its business. In addition, the company has also expanded its distribution networks to include other distribution centers such as Perth and Sydney. The company has launched a variety of next-generation features and this makes a selection of the favorite titles to watch an easier task for the clients. The Consumer Association of Choice has ranked Quickflix as the most preferred online DVD rental provider in Australia (Hanson P & Hoskisson R.

2011, pp 59). Quickflix faces major competition from Telstra’ s Big Pond movies but due to its expanded distribution network, the company is now ready to firmly challenge its competitor in the market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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