Essays on Strategic Human Resource Management Case Study

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The following paper under the title 'Strategic Human Resource Management' is a great example of a human resources case study. Strategic Human Resource Management falls under strategic management. Strategic management utilizes the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats theory in its planning method. In the theory, strategic management involves setting goals for the organization and goes ahead to meet them as planned, this engages strategic resource pooling with the objective of attaining the set goals on the base of the SWOTs theory. SHRM is defined as the connecting of human resources of an organization with strategic objectives and goals in order to develop organizational culture that enhances innovation, flexibility, and competitive advantage while enhancing business performance through the Human Resource activities.

Some scholars such as Mary Lee Hu have invested in the career metalsmithing and jewelry at Rochester Institute of Technology with Hans Christensen; Cranbrook Academy of Art with Richard Thomas, BFA, 1965; and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with Brent Kington, MFA, 1967.  She taught at Michigan State University, 1977-80, and at the University of Washington, Seattle, from 1980 until her retirement in 2006.  She served as president of SNAG from 1977-80.

Her jewelry made with twined wires has been exhibited internationally and is in many major museum collections. On the same note Samwel, the Jeweller has boosted a wide array of engagement rings, watches, earrings, and other jewelry on the market with very high quality. According to the Society of North American Goldsmiths, (1997), Jewelry  Distributors'  Association (JDA) is a non-profit-making trade body, within the British Jewelry, Giftware & Finishing Federation It is specializing in distributing, exporting, and importing precious and fashion jewelry, clocks, watches, accessories, and other items to the Jewelry and Allied Trades. The  JDA's headquarters are in the heart of the Jewelry Quarter in Birmingham, UK, and are run on a day to day basis by  Lynn Snead, the Association Manager.

A group of 8 senior-level executives from all segments of the jewelry distribution industry comprises the Officers and National Committee who manage the affairs and activities of the Association.  


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