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The paper "Strategic Management Process" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Strategic management refers to goal-oriented management where a firm’ s mission and planned achievements are set out clearly and all the management processes are designed toward reaching the firm’ s overall goals. Activity 1b Direction refers to the course of action taken by an organization in realization of its strategy or goals Scope refers to the extent to which firm activities can go in pursuit of the set goals and objectives Advantage refers to any opportunity or circumstances that are likely to favor the organization’ s activities Resources refer to any productive or economic factors that are necessary to achieve a given outcome (organizational goals). Markets refer to the targeted consumers of the organization’ s products and services Stakeholders refer to all individuals, groups, or organizations that can be affected or can affect an organization's actions or decisions. Activity 1c Encouraged the used of operational strategy Encouraged the use of management by objectives Activity 1d Retail supermarket Drake supermarkets- this is one of the largest grocery retailers in Australia, the supermarket also operates consulting services, liquor store, and several news agencies.

Some of the products offered by Drake supermarkets include health and organic food offerings, a wide range of prepared meals, and full meal packages.

Major competitors include Flemings supermarkets and Thomas Dux Grocer supermarkets. Motor vehicle manufacturing industry Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd- this company manufactures, distributes, and imports small to medium size vehicles, sports, luxury, and four-wheel-drive vehicles. There are only two models that are manufactured in Australia i. e. Ford Territory and Falcon which are also exported in small quantities to South Africa, New Zealand, and other countries. Some of the major competitors include Volvo Group Australia and GM Holden. Activity 1e Five things that can affect or influence the strategic direction of the company Resources Stakeholders Technology Leadership Government policies. Activity 1f Activity 2a One of the political factors that have affected or can affect a business in Australia or overseas is the changes in government More often than not changes in government leads to changes in policies and attitudes towards different businesses mainly foreign ones.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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