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The paper "CRH’ s Strategic Vision" is a wonderful example of a case study on management. The CRH was founded in 1970 with its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Being a player in the Building Materials & Fixtures industry, the CRH Plc is a diversified international company that engages in building materials through the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of materials and products for building works. The structure and organization of the company are such that it has six business segments in Europe and America, which are structured down to three specific departments as one Materials segment in Europe and the USA, one Products segment in the two regions, and one Distribution department in Europe and America.

The Materials segments across Europe and America engage primarily in the production and sale of primary materials including cement, aggregates, ready mixed concrete and, asphalt while the product segments engage in the production and sale of mainly architectural and structural concrete products. They also engage in clay and insulation products, materials, and glass products. The distribution segments have the responsibility of engaging in businesses of builder's merchandising activities and selling construction materials to the public. CRH’ s strategic vision is to ensure the responsibility of being an international leader in its industry of specialty and delivering unparalleled performance and growth (CRH Annual Report 2005, pp.

1,). The future role of the company is developing strategies to enable it to serve its key stakeholders well. This is the reason behind the desired future performance and state of the CRH. PART 1: Choice of Models To evaluate CRH critically, the choice of a model for analysis is very important to help in understanding the company’ s strategic management.

For the purpose of this paper, PESTLE and Ansoff’ s matrix models of analysis and theories are used to help unravel how factors in the macro-environment may affect CRH and understand the main business strategies within the building industry and to understand CRH’ s stakeholders. According to Scholls et al. (2006), most organizations operate their businesses in the context of a complex PESTLE (political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental) sphere. Additionally, these PESTLE variables in the business environment result in opportunities for organizations while others will exert some operational threats to the organization.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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