Essays on Global Enterprise Environment - BlackBerry Case Study

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The paper "Global Enterprise Environment - BlackBerry" is an outstanding example of a business case study.   The BlackBerry is a series of various wireless handheld devices and services which undergo designing and marketing by the BlackBerry Limited, initially referred to as the Research In Motion Limited (RIM). The company started with the production of the BlackBerry devices known as the email pagers, which got a release in 1999. Currently, the latest BlackBerry gadgets comprise of the following: the Z30s, Z10s, Q10s, and Q5s. The Z10s and Q10s were declared on January 30th, 2013, and the Q5s were declared on May 14th, 2013.

The user interface of these devices was dependent on the model; mostly had the physical QWERTY keyboards, whereas the current products have adopted the use of the multi-touch screens and virtual keyboards (Connell 2009). BlackBerry gadgets can be used in shooting videos, taking photos, and playing music. These gadgets are also providing vital services like the following: web-browsing, email messages, instant messages, and the proprietary BlackBerry Messengers (Connell 2009). BlackBerry Company accounted for 3% of the global sales of mobile devices in 2011.

This made the manufacturer of the BlackBerry be the sixth most widespread mobile gadget maker (25% of the sales of the mobile devices are smartphones). The consumer’ s BlackBerry Internet Services are accessible in 91 nations globally in more than 500 mobile service operators by the use of different mobile technologies. By September 2012, there existed 80 million subscribers globally of the BlackBerry mobile devices. In the year 2011, the Caribbean and Latin America were having the maximum dissemination of BlackBerry smartphones globally, with almost 45% of this region possessing BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry was unanimously called the "CrackBerry" in the US, which lead to the allusion to its extreme usage by its owners and its addiction can be likened to the addiction of crack cocaine. The usage of the name "CrackBerry" became so common to the extent that by November 2006, the Webster's New World College Dictionary referred to "Crackberry" as the "New Word of the Year. " (Connell 2009). PESTEL Analysis of BlackBerry external environment Political forces The political environment in North America, particularly in the USA, has aided the smart mobile phone companies particularly the Blackberry to do very well as pointed out by Nelson (2011).

Blackberry mobile phones have been facing challenges in Nations like China, UAE, and India. In these countries, there are various issues regarding the security features provided in the BlackBerry mobile phones since the monitoring of the government authorities is difficult (BBC 2010). According to Guardian (2010), the BlackBerry has also undergone serious scrutiny in several nations like the following: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Indonesia as a result of security issues associated with mobile phones. There are also some other countries from Europe like the UK, Germany, etc.

which have implemented serious regulations regarding the hygiene and safety standards for any mobile phone manufacturer and this might affect the operation of the BlackBerry mobile phone operators since it faces significant pressure from the use of toxic components, energy usage and recycling (Farraj 2009). Economic forces Economic aspects have significant effects in the smartphone marketing industry since the demands are fairly flexible and are possibly on the basis of the income of the consumers but the latest economic decline had a significant effect since individuals aren’ t willing to use their money on any commodity until its price is suitable and is offering the promised aspects.

Although, there are some expectations that the industry of the smartphones would be moderately stable and any developing economy like India, China, Latin America would provide platforms for the BlackBerry (Economic times 2009). Because the sale of the BlackBerry phones is done through-out the globe, the exchange rate would also have effects on the BlackBerry since the fluctuations in the exchange rates might unexpectedly yield BlackBerry to be competitive or excessively costly.

The fluctuations of the exchange rates might have weighty on Blackberry particularly in a market like in China and India which are price sensitive. The BlackBerry has got other stock in several nations and the exchanging rates have direct effects on the realized returns on any investment portfolio with any oversea holding according to RIM (2009).



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