Essays on Boeing Internal Environment Case Study

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The paper 'Boeing Internal Environment" is a good example of a management case study. A strategic plan can be defined as a document utilised for communicating with the company about the goals of the organization, the actions required to realize those goals as well as all of the other vital elements created during the planning process.   For airlines, as it will be evidenced in the research paper, strategic planning is a recurrent process. Strategic plans have to consider the ever-changing and challenging competitive environment and how air travelers see that value.

Deregulation has considerably impacted the airline strategies in the last few decades, and while commercial aviation regulations lighten up, airlines have gotten the freedom to change the charges in reaction to demand and competition (Boeing, 2013). Deregulation has as well made airlines develop networks as well as schedule planning, and control other main features of the airline business. Importantly, it has helped encourage network and traffic growth, and the ensuing competition offers an improved alternative for travelers. Basically, business models for airlines have continued changing so as to get used to the dynamic market.

The purpose of the research paper is threefold: to describe apply different techniques to analyze Boeing external environment and assess its impact on strategy development; to analyze the Boeing internal environment, including resources, capabilities and core competencies that help in making strategic decisions; and finally to develop strategies for Boeing to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. 2.0 Boeing External Environment and Impact on Strategy Development Boeing's external environment will be analyzed through the PEST analysis approach, which is an important approach in analyzing the external macro-environmental factors like political, economic, social-cultural, as well as technological.

The aforementioned factors are crucial in the airline industry for the reason that they may well have strong effects on the business.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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