Essays on Strategic Management - BHP Billiton Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Management - BHP Billiton " is a good example of a management case study. BHP Billiton is a big and well-established corporation in Australia, with varied operations. In fact, BHP Billiton is primarily listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASE) whereas Billiton Plc. is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) on a premium basis (BHP Billiton 2015). It produces various products, ranging from minerals like iron ore to oil and gas products. A corporation, according to Chandel and Sharma (2014), is a firm or business venture, that has made all the necessary legal requirements, is allowed to fully operate as a separate legal entity, separate from its owners.

It is also known as an artificial person since it executes business contracts. The sole existence of forming a corporation is to produce goods and services. According to Ichikawa and Tsuji (2016), whereas product portfolio refers to a collection of all goods offered by a company, the service portfolio on the other hand refers to the collection of services offered by a particular company. Corporation Research Business unit identification   BHP Billiton is made up of various departments, including Marketing and Operation departments, tasked with different responsibilities and functions that are geared towards the achievement of BHP Billiton’ s strategies.

For instance, The marketing department is tasked with the duty of accounting for the BHP Billiton line of revenue, including management of sales and proper coordination of the organization products in the market (BHP Billiton 2015). Additionally, the marketing department also undertakes to trade of BHP product inputs for the operations department. On the other hand, the operations department is tasked with the conversion of raw materials used by the corporation.

The department is also responsible for ensuring that the corporation strategies are suitably delivered (BHP Billiton 2015). Meaning of Business Unit. According to Kotler, Keller, and Goodman (2009), a distinction should be made between a subsidiary and a business unit, since a business unit is mostly mistaken to be a subsidiary. Whereas a subsidiary is a body corporate and is treated as a separate entity, a business unit refers to parts that comprise an entity.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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