Essays on Strategic Planning for Beverage Inc Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Planning for Beverage Inc" is a good example of a management case study. The Beverage Inc will be highly recognized as an excellent beverage leader in the natural juice market globally through developing partnerships both locally and internationally so as to develop the potential for more sales and the creation of opportunities. The success of the company is vital for the community as corporate social responsibility (CSR) will strive to empower the local community both socially and economically. Analysis of the Company Internal analysis based on the company’ s understanding of its mission and vision, the core values and the needs of the customers, the company has set aside the next two years to be solely dedicated for assessment of its business approaches in the wake of stiff competition as there are so many players joining the lucrative natural juice market. .

Concurrently, Beverage Inc. will put more initiatives in regard to a leadership role in the implementation of its business policies as suggested, many of the new entrants in the market are not following moral aspects of doing business.

It will explore the possibility of engaging with the community so as to give it an upper hand in branding. This will be carried out with the help of community volunteers who will be recruited in all the regions. The company will therefore review and strengthen its organizational policies in regard to human resource management to ensure that there is efficiency to move forward the profitability of the firm. The model emphasizes consumer decision-making and community participation and integration. The company is committed to excellent customer service. However, Beverage Inc will from time to time assess customer needs in order to comfortably fill any dents in terms of product and service delivery.

This assessment will serve as the basis for expanding or adding new services. As initiated a year ago, more emphasis will be put on employee training so as to acquire the necessary skills with the changing times that characterize the modern-day business environment (Kono 1994).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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