Essays on Strategic Management of Microsoft and Boost Juice Company Case Study

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The paper "Strategic Management of Microsoft and Boost Juice Company" is an outstanding example of a management case study.   The paper discusses the external environmental analysis, five forces analysis and five forces analysis. The discussion is applied to Microsoft and Boost Juice Company. Boost Juice Company has licensed numerous franchisees to supply the products while Microsoft develops software and hardware to target technological industry. External Environmental Analysis The external environment analysis discusses the threats and opportunities, which affects an organization. These threats and opportunities are usually independent of the organization. The right question in understanding the external factor is asking whether the issue may exist if the company does not exist.

If the answer to this question is yes, it means that it is external to the given organization. In the external analysis, opportunities are the favorable conditions in a company’ s environment and the opportunities can be levered to favor a company (Smit 2010). For example, using franchisees approach, Boost Juice Company is able to access funds for expansion easily. On the other hand, Microsoft understood the opportunities that exist in the information world and continued to develop newer applications to fulfill the requirements of the customers.

The opportunities should be capitalized to advance the requirements and expectations of the company. On the other hand, threats should be controlled because it contributes to the negating achievement of objectives and goals (Hemmatfar, Salehi & Bayat 2010). Therefore, Microsoft and Boost Juice Company were able to capitalize on the available opportunities and customer requirements in advancing their objectives and goals. In understanding external factors, customer analysis is appropriate for determining the unmet needs, motivations, and segments (Hassan 2010).

For example, Boost Juice Company understood the unmet need include the need for fresh drinks and targeting the market ensured it engaged the customers in acquiring the juice. In addition, the continued requirements and developments in the information technology industry forced Microsoft to continue innovating. The competitive analysis allows identification of the competitors, designing strategic groups, evaluating the performances, analyzing the image, addressing and understanding the competitors’ strategies, objectives, weaknesses, strengths, cost structure, and culture. Boost Juice Company has to provide optimum services and products to address the competitive industry. For example, preserved drinks are available in the market but the demand for fresh drinks was unmet and penetrating the market was easier.

Moreover, the use of many resources ensured the company continued to supply the requirements of the customer. In the same case, Microsoft has numerous competitors, and these competitors have continued to invest in research and development; therefore, Microsoft has to continue developing products and services that fulfill the unmet needs. The market analysis allows an organization to review the overall size of the market, cost structure, key success factors, distribution system, entry barriers, profitability, and projected growth (Salehi & Roshandel 2013).

Therefore, Boost Juice Company was able to analyze the market and determined the appropriate framework to penetrate the market. It includes numerous factors, which include environmental analysis. The environmental analysis reviews the integral components, which contributes to the success of an organization (Fritzen 2007). Some of the components include information need areas, scenarios, demographic, economic, governmental, technological and cultural. The purpose is to determine the strategic uncertainties, trends, threats, opportunities, which influences the external success of an organization.

Furthermore, Boost Juice Company and Microsoft have to address the forces associated with market analysis and environmental analysis to remain viable.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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