Essays on Resource Planning for Music Festival Case Study

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The paper "Resource Planning for Music Festival" is a great example of a management case study.   This resource plan describes all the preparation and planning processes involved in the Music Festival. It also documents all the important information required by various stakeholders such as the partners, customers and well-wishers of the event. Additionally, it makes it possible for them to plan for the available resources and utilize them effectively. Overview of the Resource Planning The country has limited resources to facilitate all the operations of the event adequately. Therefore, there is a need for an excellent resource planning to ensure that the limited resources can be utilized effectively.

There are several resources that are required for this event to be successful. These include human resource, accommodation facilities, and space for the audience, food and drinks and other resources. This calls for a dare need to ensure that planning is carefully done. Resources planning, therefore, require the establishment of a team and also scheduling of non-labor resources such as equipment and tools (Almeida, 2014 p. 4). Determining the size of the team The previous records show that 8,000 to 12,000 individuals attend the music festival event.

Therefore, there is a need to determine the number of tasks to be done. By so doing, it will be very necessary to know the amount of human labor to require for completing all these tasks. Due to the limitation of the available resources, it is worth to schedule the allocation of the resources. For instance, the number of audiences that can be accommodated in the venue is estimated. It is also necessary to plan how the audience will utilize the available resources within the three days of the festival (Gelder at el. , 2013 p. 185). Determining the required skills It is one of the most critical parts of the project.

There is a need to find qualified staff that can run the operations of the event. For instance, there is a need to hire qualified technicians to control music systems. These are the people who will be responsible for ensuring that the audience can get information clearly. There duties and responsibilities will also include ensuring that the equipment’ s such sound systems are audible enough.

All the other required staff must be well allocated to their responsibilities for the three-day event. Identifying required non-labor assets There is a necessity that all the equipment and the necessary human labor is available for use. This will ensure that the project team works efficiently and effectively. For instance, the venue must have enough seats to accommodate all the audience of the event. The venue also must have enough space for various performances. All these require that human labor and equipment are scheduled accordingly. Defining Resource plans Here the staffing plan is developed.

This is a clear indication of the person in charge of every event during the music festival. For instance, the staffing must show the responsibilities of each assigned the work. Forming the team This is the final process of resource planning. A group must be formed to ensure that all the activities run smoothly as planned. Here each must ensure that the given duty and responsibility assigned is done. The success of the team will ensure that the festivals run successfully.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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