Essays on External and Internal Analysis and the Challenges Facing Harley Davidson Company Case Study

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The paper “ External and Internal Analysis and the Challenges Facing Harley Davidson Company” is an intriguing variant of the case study on management.   This report is about Harley Davidson Company based in the United States of America. The company is ranked among the most successful in the motorcycle manufacturing industry. It specializes in the manufacture of heavyweight motorcycles and it has been dominant in the market for over a century. The report, therefore, analyzes the strategic management practices that the company has been using to achieve these results. The five forces analyses are discussed in the report for the purpose of analyzing the internal and external market environment of the company.

The challenges facing the company in its operations are also discussed in the report exhaustively. IntroductionHarley-Davidson was founded in the United States of America in the twentieth century as a motorcycle manufacturing company. The company has been profitable in the United States with little competition within the country. This is attributed to the quality of the motorcycles the company has been manufacturing. Since it started manufacturing the heavy motorcycle, the company has experienced enormous growth and expansion.

Apart from a little competition in the United States in the manufacture of heavy motorcycles, the company has recently been facing international competition. The motorcycle manufacturers in Japan have been quite aggressive and have proved to be a force to reckon. The main competitors for the company internationally include companies like Suzuki and Honda. The company has however been strong in terms of working on strategies enabling it to outwit its competitors. The strategic management of the company and the five forces analysis will be discussed in detail. Management strategiesThe strategic plans of the company are mainly guided by its mission, vision, objectives, and core values.

The vision of the company is to fulfill dreams inspired by many roads of the world by providing remarkable motorcycles and extraordinary customer experiences and fuel the passion of freedom for customers to fulfill their own identity.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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