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Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 32.0Company background Information---------------------------------------------------------------- 33.0HP Evolution---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 34.0Internal Analysis of HP-----------------------------------------------------------------------------44.1Strengths--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 44.2Weaknesses----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 54.3Opportunities---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 54.4Threats------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 65.0Strategic key issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 76.0Development strategy------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 76.1Market penetration---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 86.2Product development------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 86.3Market development------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9References --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Introduction Company background InformationHP is an abbreviation commonly used to refer to Hewlett-Packard a firm that is spread all over the world and its headquarters are at Palo Alto, California in the United States of America. It mainly concentrates on selling products such as Computers, printers and imaging digital devices. It is generally known as one of the best and largest selling Company of Personal Computers globally.

They also offer after sale service for their devices and also deal with the sale of Computer software. (David Packard et al. , 2009). 3.0HP EvolutionBill Hewlett is known as the founder of the Company jointly with Dave Packard. In 1934 Bill and Dave both went to college at Stanford University and graduated as a test manufacturer and instrument measurement. The foundation can be traced back in 1939 when they both manufactured a precision audio oscillator which was designed and referred to as model 200A.

They later manufactured a second model 200B which was purchased by the world famous movie makers Walt Disney Productions for movies sound production. ( Charles H. House, 2009). They used a light bulb to act as a resistor in a certain sensitive part of a circuit with the aim of stabilizing temperature. Bill Hewlett and his partner gave the first computer a name that could not be confused by people for something else different because from the initial outlook it did not look like a Computer. They named it a desktop calculator.

In 1968 the first personal Computer was launched to the amazement of people who had never come across such a device that was so sophisticated and made work easier. In 1972 the scientific electronic calculator came into existence followed by a programmable calculator in1974 then an alphanumeric, programmable and expandable calculator was produced in 1979 and later the first symbolic and graphing calculator. Both inkjet and laser printers which are used with a desktop computer were then manufactured in 1984 followed by scanners. With time other products have come up such as fax machines and photocopiers and have under gone innovation and the models get better and more advanced with each processing.

(David Packard et al. , 2009). 4.0Internal Analysis of HPMajority of businesses or firms usually conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT) so that they can carve a sustainable niche in the global market. In 1960s Albert S Humphrey was among the first people to introduce the SWOT analysis framework, SWOT Analysis is as useful now as it was then. In essence or simple terms a SWOT is used to help people initiate a strategy formulation tool in a more elaborate manner (Lawrence G.

Fine, 2009). An internal analysis will help identify the existing threats and how to manage them, it also acts as a tool to help identify and exploit external opportunities. Through the analysis framework it’s easy to differentiate a Company from its competitors which is very essential in strategizing on how to capture on increase the already existing market share. The internal analysis basically involves the strengths and weaknesses while the external factors are the threats and opportunities (Simon Burtonshaw et al 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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