Essays on Strategic Management of Airbus Case Study

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The paper 'Strategic Management of Airbus" is a good example of a management case study. Airbus is a world’ s leading manufacturer of both military airlifters and commercial jetliners. The company evolved during the last forty years riding on the vision, innovation, and passion of the employees. The aim of forming Airbus was to challenge the domination of the skies by America and has evolved to be among the largest airline manufacturers worldwide. The company officially came into being in 1970 and was formed as a consortium of Deutsche airbus which was a group of leading German aircraft manufacturing firms and France’ s Aerospatiale.

The companies together built the A300 that became the first twin-engine wide-body airliner in a bid to fill a gap in the air industry while challenging America’ s domination of the aviation industry (Airbus group, 2014). The consortium was shortly afterward joined by Spain’ s CASA and the company under the name of Airbus Industry GIE relocated its headquarters to Toulouse from Paris. In 1979, British Aerospace joined the group with each of the four partners known as Airbus Deutschland, Airbus Espana, Airbus France, and Airbus UK operating as national companies.

Each of the four partners had special responsibilities for the production of aircraft parts for transporting to Toulouse for assembling with GIE providing a single face for customer support, marketing and sales. With time, Airbus developed its reputation for listening to its customer’ s needs as well as its innovation. Some of the most notable Airbus innovations and hence marks of success included A300/A310 family, the A320 family known for its landmark fly by wire technology that established commonality as the key appeal for Airbus aircraft as well as the long-range A330/A340 family( Its latest model is A380 900).

These innovations saw the need to streamline operations in a bid to meet the growing demand. This also saw the drive towards closer working across national boundaries intensify with increasing practical benefits. The benefits included better quality, reduced costs, faster production as well as a workforce proud for being part of the international family. This saw the company becoming a fully integrated company in 2001. In addition, The European Defense and Space company (EADS), which was the merger between the French, Spanish and German interests acquired 80% shares of the company’ s shares while BAE systems the successor of British Aerospace acquired 20%.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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