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The paper "The Strategic Analysis of Flight Center Service" is a good example of a management cases study.   This strategic case study endeavours to provide an understanding of the operations of Flight Center Limited in relation to its goals and objectives. Flight Center Limited is Australia’ s leading travel agent Company that offers affordable domestic and international flight services in terms of holiday packages, last-minute hotel deals, and travel insurance among other services (FLT, 2013). Founded in 1981, the company is the largest Australia-based international travel company that has the largest retail travel outlet in Australia (FLT, 2013). The strategic case study will be engaged in steric analysis, strategic objectives and directions, strategic choice, strategic implementation and strategic evaluation of the company. 2.0 Strategic analysis 2.1 External environment analysis 2.1.1 General environment Flight Center Limited is a business that operates both internationally and domestically any changes in any of these sectors, especially political goodwill and international business treaties that affect the legal, economic and environmental aspects would affect the business in ratio to customer satisfaction (Business View Magazine, 2014). 2.1.2 Specific environment The flight service industry in Australia is characterized by high levels of competition from numerous avenues especially the online techniques of offering flight services to customers (Business View Magazine, 2014). In terms of Porters five forces and the government’ s model, the company enjoys supplier power, competitive rivalry and friendly government policies especially in regulations in the industry.

Supplier power arises from the fact that the company is a major provider of flight services in Australia (FLT, 2013). It enjoys nationwide footprints through its ability to deliver services in large scale, this makes the company stronger in the domestic market and it enjoys the liberty of determining the cost of its services.

The company enjoys competitive rivalry considering that it provides quality services at relatively cheaper prices compared to those of its competitors (FLT, 2013). The government of Australia through its aviation policies provides a perfect platform for flight companies to engage in business. Aviation policies in Australia require that flight services to the Australians and foreigners are safe, secure, efficient and environmentally friendly (FLT, 2013). 2. 1. 3. Conclusion The company is putting structures that will ensure high profitability in the future.

In addition, the company is also controlling its specific environment by focusing on the domestic market and improving its competitive advantage. 2.2 Internal analysis 2.2.1 Competitive strengths The company is listed at the Australian Stock exchange market and this allows it to use its position in the market to influence the decision in the flight industry. As a core competency, the decisions made are influenced by the desire to meet customer, employee, the company and the needs of the government (Business View Magazine, 2014). The company also enjoys efficient management that defines the procedures and strategies towards the realization of company goals (FLT, 2013).


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