Essays on Strategies for Aman Resorts Hotel for excelling in the Market Case Study

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The paper "Strategies for Aman Resorts Hotel for excelling in the Market" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. This purpose of this report is to discuss the various strategies which have been applied by Aman resorts hotel in excelling in the market. Aman resort is a hotel which was started in 1998 by Zecha in Thailand. This report will discuss the external factors which influenced the growth of the hotel at early stages. It will also discuss the industry in which Aman resort is as well as the portal’ s 5 forces which have helped Aman resort to have a competitive advantage.

Finally, the recommendations are given on how the hotel can be improved. External factors that allowed Aman resorts to be successful The external factors that influenced the successful growth rate of Aman resort include the following, political stability (Graham & Beamish 2007). During the early stages of the introduction of the Aman resort, many states were stable politically. This enhanced the environment for doing business in many countries and made good profits from the rates charged except when the tsunami hit Thailand in 2004 when they were forced to lower their rates as the number of tourists went down. Another external factor that facilitated the success of Aman resorts is the stable world economy (Graham & Beamish 2007).

The economy of the world was good and this led to many tourists travelling thus they needed the resort for their hospitality. Therefore the Aman resort made huge profits because of the continues number of customers who visited the resorts. Competition in the same industry was low (Mulcaster 2009). During the introduction of the Aman resort, there were fewer hotels providing the same services as the Aman resort.

Therefore Zecha took advantage of the lack of stiff competition and made huge profits and opened new many resorts in various parts of the world like Thailand. International trade, on the other hand, enabled Aman resort to make advances into different countries in the world without barriers. Zecha was able to open establish many resorts over the world because there were no barriers of entering into a foreign country. Therefore Aman resort was able to capture a wide market share and made huge profits. The external factors that drove the changes the way Aman did their business The following are the external factors that drove the changes the way Aman did their business; cultural and traditional beliefs of the stakeholders (Graham & Beamish 2007).

Because many of the Aman resorts were located in rural areas, it was forced to cater to the cultural beliefs of the community. Aman resort was forced to design their properties in a way that will not provoke the beliefs of the community. For example, Amandari was built at the top of the ridge for sacrifice offerings because sacrifices were not offered beneath the roof.

Therefore the cultural systems changed the way Aman resort did their businesses. The legal systems also changed the way Aman resort did their business. For instance, after the tsunami in 2004, the Thailand prime minister asked zecha to lower their rates about 50 percent so as to attract many tourists and that the economy was bad. This affected the business and the rate of income because the profits would be less by 50 percent.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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