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The paper "Strategic Management for Improving Government Performance" is a great example of management coursework.   Strategic management and strategic performance measurement (SPM) may be both functional and dysfunctional in nature depending on how they are implemented (Micheli & Manzoni 2010). Their effective implementation can enable organisations to define and attain their strategic objectives, align their behaviours and ensure effective organisational performance (Kloot & Martin 2000). Since the 1990s, organisations have invested a huge amount of capital and resourcing in promoting effective strategic management and measuring performance to ensure accountability (Micheli & Manzoni 2010).

Indeed, recent studies have indicated that averagely, businesses with over $1 billion sales spend some 25, 0000 persons-day per-year managing and measuring performance (Micheli & Manzoni 2010). A similar trend has been noted in the public sector. After the OECD countries introduced the ‘ New Public Management’ reforms, governments have massively introduced strategic management to improve their performance. In the UK government departments, for instance, estimations have indicated some $150 million each year on monitoring progresses made on national targets (Micheli & Manzoni 2010). Hence, the idea that the government can manage itself strategically in the same way that private sector organisations do features remarkably across national governments globally.

This paper explores the strategic management concept, Performance management of organisations and why improving government performance really matters. The strategic management concept Strategic management consists of a set of managerial decisions and activities that determine an organization’ s long-term performance (Hofstrand 2007). It consists of external and internal environmental planning, formulation of strategies, implementation of strategies and evaluation and control (Hofstrand 2007). Essentially, it is a management process that integrates three key interrelation activities, namely strategic formulation, strategic implementation, and strategic analysis (Kathwala n. d.; Nedelea & Paun 2009).



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