Essays on Strategic Management In Global Context Coursework

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The paper "Strategic Management In Global Context" is a great example of management coursework. The strategy  of any organization I build that reveals how to respond to the customers, environments, competitors, etc. the strategy of a company also helps in describing what kind of relationships to be made with the dealers, raw material vendors, customers, competitors, business partners, workers and also tells how to survive in the business market. Viewing strategy from multiple perspectives, different issues this reveals: The process that explains the process and functionality of any organization is the strategic management process.

This provides a roadmap for an organization to achieve its set goals and objectives. It is always significant to set the goals first and set up a method, following which they can attain their goals. The influence of culture on strategy: The culture has a great influence on strategy. The strategies of business would be building according to the culture in order to meet customer’ s requirements as culture greatly affects the demands of a nation. Strategy Lenses/ Strategy Safari… & other concepts/ models/ theories to understand the significance of perspective: Different models are used to understand the significance of the strategy.

There are different models used by different organizations. Some of the key components are knowledge creation, knowledge transfer, knowledge utilization, exploration, tacit knowledge. etc. Managing Strategic Change: The need for & process of strategic change: There are no valid theories about business and the failure and success of the organization cannot be considered theoretically. The processes change according to the demands of the customer. Therefore it is needed for strategic change. Approaches to Managing Change: While creating strategies it should be kept in mind that they are adaptive and opportunistic.

The planning is done according to the capabilities of a firm. The adaptive strategy is constructed in an approach to handle changes that may occur with the passage of time. Obstacles/ resistance to change: It has been known for times that the companies that do not adapt according to the changes of the customers remain far behind. An industry not complying to the customer's needs and not fulfilling the up to date requirements will lose its customers as well as market value. So the strategies for management should be well designed to adapt the changes according to requirements. Strategic Change & Culture: Most senior executives are facing problems that specific cultural changes affect their businesses.

So there is always a need to manage strategies to handle such changes. Bottom-up/ Top-down Strategic change: Coping with change is a difficult challenge faced by every organization. It simply describes the change strategies from top to down or down to top. That is from planning and analysis to implementation or vice versa. Either of the strategies is adapted according to the requirement. Role of Change Agents: Change agents are those who are the professional for development within the organization.

They are the middle managers who have the opportunity to bring about the changes in their organizations. The role of a change agent is of a designer, developer, manager, educator, marketer, etc. Introduction: Sony is the most important manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Headquarter of Sony is in Tokyo but it has almost about 928 strong and combined auxiliary offices throughout the world. Sony is well known for being a comprehensive company throughout the world because of its music, moving picture, television, video, computer entertainment, and online businesses.

Sony is on rank 28, on the latest Interbrand scoreboard which ranks the top 100 global brands. Its rank reveals that Sony has a value of almost 11 billion dollars. Sony’ s chief U. S. businesses include Sony Electronics Inc. ; Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. Sony has also its 50% interest in one of the largest recorded music companies that are Music Entertainment. Innovation and technological advancement are the major key roles of the company.

Walkman, which has become a synonym in itself was the first major advancement by Sony. Sony has played an important role in different sectors, by developing a Vaio notebook with co-brand. Bravia high-definition (HD) flat-screen television, which provides a better picture system than the older ones, is it is the latest technology. It is the aim of Sony to struggle for advancements in technology to make important electronics and entertainment products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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