Essays on The Role of Technology in Attaining Competitive Advantage Article

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The paper "The Role of Technology in Attaining Competitive Advantage" is a great example of an information technology article. The article seeks to analyze the relationship that information technology has with a competitive advantage. From the article to note that, information technology improves competitive advantage as long as it acts with management. Michael Porter in the article urges that internet it’ s an emerging new kind of technology and without any surprise, it has been welcomed by several stakeholders especially entrepreneurs, and even in the various homestead. Porter also believed that many individuals tend to rely on the internet every day to day activities in the belief that it changes everything within their entire life.

From the article Michael, porter clear indicates that strategy of introducing democratic ownership structure so that it impacts on competitive advantage. Firms are developing information technology to a greater extent (Porter, 2001). Manufacturing companies employ advanced manufacturing technology and they are more flexible compared to their competitors in the same industry, Michael Porter in his article urges that organizations in various sectors have marked success in their operations due to the use of modern technology. Porter from the article also strongly believes that most of the Organizations are slowly investing their time and capital in information technology and its effects.

In that, organizations are using technology for competitive advantage for their rivals or competitors. Porter's article hence strongly emphasizes on aims at helping managers to respond appropriately to the challenges of this information technology revolution. Information technology plays an important role in attaining competitive advantage for organizations Porter (2001). The article also analyzes the effects of the various actions that organizations take in a bid to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

In order to understand how information technology attains a competitive advantage, managers should first understand information technology in detail rather than just computers. Information technology also includes such aspects as factory automation, data recognition equipment, communications technologies among many other aspects (Porter, 2001). Porter as an author has clearly analyzed the role of information technology in competitive advantage. He is the great author of the Competitive Advantage which analyzes how organizations change their strategies based on the strategies used by their competitors in relation to information technology.

This goes a long way in increasing understanding of information technology and how it relates to the management function. From the arguments that he brings on the table, it clearly shows that the research studies did in the article are strong and can be applied in any given organization and day to day life. The revolution of information technology is slowly sweeping over most economies and companies are forced to embrace the aspect so that they succeed in their functions.

No company can be able to escape the effects of this revolution in the world. The information revolution has brought forth positive effects as well as negative effects Porter (2001), This revolution has helped in the reduction of costs for obtaining, processing and transmitting information within and without an organization. This has led to a change in how organizations carry out their business. In other words, the information technology revolution has improved the efficiency of carrying out business. Managers of most organizations are aware of this revolution and they acknowledge its importance to their operations.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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