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The paper 'Strategic Analysis of Coca-Cola Company " is a good example of a management case study. This report carries out a strategic analysis of the Coca-Cola Company which is a market leader in the Soft Drinks and Beverage industry. The report looks at the internal and external areas of the organization with an aim to identify the strategic issues that the Coca-Cola Company faces. The report analyzes the goals that the company should set so as to be able to overcome some of the strategic issues it faces and also to enable it to propel further in the beverage industry.

The report further provides the recommendations that are crucial in ensuring efficiency and greater performance in the organization. Strategic Management Practice Introduction This paper will carry out an in-depth analysis on the Coca-Cola Company so as to determine the following; strategic issues facing the organization, the goals the organizations should set, the actions that should be recommended to the organization and the identify the key elements of the performance management system required to develop the strategy. I have chosen the Coca-Cola Company because it is one of the largest multinational beverage corporation in the world (Senker & Foy, 2012).

The company’ s headquarters is based in Atlanta Georgia. Being, a Multinational, it serves as the best company to be analyzed. The company provides annual reports on the company’ s financial and economic performance. According to (Gallimore, 2014) strategic issues refer to the developments, trends and factors that have significant implications on organization strategy and goals. The implication issues have on organizational goals, are what determine whether the factor can be regarded as a strategic issue or non-strategic issue. External Business Environment The external business environment, can either impact an organization, either positively or negatively.

Thus understanding the organization’ s external environment, plays a crucial in enabling the organization achieves its strategic goals. The PEST analysis can us understand the external environment of a specific organization. What makes the external environment unique is the fact that the organization has no control over its external environment.


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