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The paper "Strategic Management - AirAsia, Aldi" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Strategic planning consists of collecting information, disseminating views, conducting analysis, arriving at decisions, ensuring consistency among decisions and compelling managers to undertake specific courses of action and to achieve performance targets. In some organizations, strategic planning is centralised and could be restricted to the chief executive. On the other hand, major corporates, such as the General Electric Company, Inc have a decentralised strategic planning system. Developments in the social sciences resulted in significant contributions to strategic management in the 1980s.

Specifically, Porter made a significant contribution to strategic management, on the basis of the structure-conduct-performance theory. His analytical frameworks, such as the five forces analysis, value chain, diamond model of competitive advantage, and strategy as an activity system, were invaluable devices in strategic management. This analysis highlighted the industry condition in confronting firms. Porter’ s work attracted criticism from certain quarters, which claimed that it had served to limit the focus of strategic management. In addition, with the advent of Mintzberg’ s work, ‘ The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning’ , there was an alteration in the emphasis placed on strategy practice.

The focus shifted to the value to be realised by organisations upon instituting a strong strategic thinking resource. This scholar described the optimal function for strategic planning and engaged in formalising and documenting the plethora of ambiguous vision and insights derived from strategic thinking. Paragraph 1 Aldi Aldi, with its strong emphasis on expansion, has achieved optimal popularity among consumers. A survey, by Market Force Information Inc, placed this company third in popularity among all grocers, and first among low-price grocers. Hart, Aldi’ s president stated that consumers regarded it as an organisation with the highest quality products at the lowest rates. This company, with its 14 years’ experience in the $88 billion Australian grocery market, had achieved the third position, after Woolworths and Coles, thereby disproving its detractors.

Within eight years, it enhanced its customer base to 4.2 million customers a month from 1 million customers a month.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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