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The paper 'Strategic Manager' is a great example of a Management Assignment.   The Apple Inc Company is among the global leaders in the IT industry for the last decade, rising from a failing entity in 1997 to a global leader and most admired and innovative company for five and eight consecutive years respectively. However, in order to increase future market expansion and strategic competitiveness, this analysis adopts the TOWS strategic evaluation approach recommending suitable adoption strategies for the future. Threat Based StrategiesA strategic organizational analysis on Apple Inc. as enumerated in the case study establishes that the organization is facing a series of future market threats with the changing technology market situation.

On one hand, the key among the challenges is the production approach. In this regard, the case study illustrates that with changing production technologies across the market, the organizational competitors such as Microsoft are likely to reduce their production costs. Thus, this exposes the Apple Company to the threat of reducing market profitability, an impact likely to reduce its appeal and attractiveness to investors into the future. In addition, the departure of its charismatic CEO Steve Jobs opens up the organizations to the threat of reduced innovation in the venture, with the threat of dragging the organization back to its pre-1997 period market situation.

Therefore, in order to counter these threats, this report develops two strategic options as discussed belowMarket Diversification StrategyOne of the strategic approaches through which to counter the growing market influence by the competitors is through a market diversification approach. In this regard, t eh strategy will be based on the retention of the current diversification approach in which the organization serves the electronics hardware as well as the software industry.

However, in order to increase this diversification effects, the Apple Company management should consider the alternatives of establishing independent strategic business units for the various target markets, as an approach to ensure diversification competency and efficiency across the target markets, thus reducing the threat of market saturation and competition by its key industry competitors such as Microsoft and Samsung Companies.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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