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 Strategic Marketing Alliances PART A A strategic alliance is formed when two or more partners get involves. They are several kind of alliances namely service, promotional, logistics and pricing collaborations alliances. Pricing collaborations alliances This is when two or more organizations join in special consented price discounts, e.g. Starbuck and Coca-cola or Marriot hotels and AA car rentals. Promotional alliances This happens when an organization carries a promotion of another organization, e.g is Kenya Airways marketing Kenya as a brand on Magical Kenya flag of Kenya government. Service alliances This occurs when a organizations markets products and services of another company under licences e. g HP marketing Microsoft products. Logistics alliances Occurs when an organization offers logistical services for another organization’s product. , e. g.

An alliance between Chandler Chicco Companies(CCC) and Newlink Group announced on April 2014. Chandler Chicco Companies is a health communication group offering services in public relations, scientific and medical education. Newlink Group is an agency specializing in intergrated communication consulting (Newlink Group, 2014). Both companies are in services alliances; in that Chandler has licensed Newlink to market the services of Chandler as a health communications in Hispanic in the US and in Latin America, the agreement extend to the multinational clients operating in the US. Advantages of Service alliances 1.

Economies of scale; this is an economic advantage in that the risk costs if spread among the partner and there is more sales realised. 2. Lower political risks; in that the legal barriers and handles of a foreign market prevents a company from accessing the market. To overcome the legal prejudices the company partners with influential partners with ties of local politics to venture in the foreign market. 3.

Organization structures; this brings in new synergy to the company, in that the company is able to expand quickly and efficiently, with minimum cost and creates a bigger brand reputation. This increases the productivity as the services provided by the companies complement each other in strengths and weakness 4. Strategic partnering; by joining hands with a competitor and creating a vertical integration, this resource pooling technique creates an extra improve competitive advantage in the market. There by introducing new services previously offered by the rival company to your bouquet of services. 5.

Managing of foreign assets; this helps the company to leverage existing assets there by bringing security to the company assets and mitigating risk. PART B: A hospital is planning to start a kidney transplant services. 1. Define a research proposal of the kidney transplant services. The process begins with management dilemma and definition of the actual problem. Thus the hospital begins to explore ways of the problem at hand and values the requirement needed to actualized the project. Thus involve a project management person to evaluate the cost of he project. 2. Data collection this involves the planning of the research design to be used in the study, thus need to evaluate then both the primary data and the secondary data (Donald R.

Cooper, 2014). The secondary data comes in hand that through the government agencies we can know how many patients have been suffering from the kidney ailments, thus model our assumptions with the government figures provided. Research plan should be developed on how to collect the extra primary data; using either of the following methods surveys, focus group, observation, behavioral data or experiments (Philip Kotler, 2012).

Thus, by developing an online survey, this will reach our customers who are out of the country as we are developing a medical tourism package; a hospital questionnaire comes in hardy also as both in-patients and out-patients will be sampled. Focus group will be on our trail as we shall have sample of previous patients and donors to help us evaluate the problem. The hospitals records shall be used to gather extra data conducted in the labs for various kidney ailments and some what doctors have observed.

3. Data organization is a procedure we shall apply next, as we shall be cleaning our data from irrelevance that we don’t need in our study. This process removes the errors and gives our data the necessary accuracy needed to evaluate the data. 4. Visualization this is the initial data presentation we shall use diagrams, charts and tables to present our data. This will simplify the readability of the data and makes it ease to understand. 5. Analyse the data, the management need a processed information, not raw data thus we shall subject the data collected to statistical package to analyse and interpret it.

The process reduces the data collected to a manageable size. Then the data will be presented to the management of the hospital to make a decision on the findings. 6. Make some follow ups of the finding and decision taken. Bibliography Donald R. Cooper, P. S. (2014). Business research methods (12th ed. ). New York: McGraw-Hill. Newlink Group. (2014, 4 7). Chandler Chicco Companies Forms Strategic Alliance with Newlink Group to Expand Multicultural Capabilities and Latin American Footprint. Retrieved from http: //blogs. newlink-group. com/feature/chandler-chicco-companies-forms-strategic-alliance-with-newlink-group-to-expand-multicultural-capabilities-and-latin-american-footprint/ Philip Kotler, K.

L. (2012). Marketing Management (14 ed. ). Upper Saddle River: Pearson.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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