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The paper "Strategic Marketing and Branding Plan for Zayed National Museum" is an excellent example of a research paper on marketing. In 2013, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is unveiling the Zayed National Museum, which is part of its long-term vision to make Abu Dhabi one of the world's top tourist destinations. As a national museum named after Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan, one of the key figures in UAE, the project is being conceived as a unique place to reflect the rich history and culture of UAE as an illumination of life throughout the Middle East. This project paper then maps the strategic marketing and branding plan in time for the launch of the Zayed National Museum.

From social and consumer trends with implications to cultural institutions like museums, competitive analysis, and competitive positioning, to specific communication campaigns, this paper hopes that the projected number of visitors annually will be achieved as set forth in this document. Vision Statement In responding to people's penchant for the transformative power of arts and history, Zayed National Museum's rich tapestry of collections and significance will truly become a prime Arab cultural institution and destination of choice among tourists when visiting the United Arab Emirates or the Middle East.

Soon it will become a branded institution at par with some of the world's most renowned cultural spaces in the league of Louvre and Guggenheim. Mission Statement The opening of the museum will have created Zayed National Museum as a source of inspiration and pride for the Emiratis but a source of amazement and a path to “ walk in the past” through its unrivaled collections about Arab history and culture Social and Consumer Trends Recent studies are saying that there has been a phenomenal explosion in museum construction and the need to fill them not with artifacts but with visiting patrons.

In the United States, museums are considered the most popular cultural institutions visited by Americans. In the article, “ State of the Art, ” Cathleen McGuigan and Peter Plagens (2001) wrote that in 2000, more than a billion people attended at least one of these places. Some of the emerging trends, demographically speaking are – 1) retirees with pensions and disposable income are on the rise; 2) rise of brand-centered museums; and 3) art is no longer a staple of the affluent and the can-afford.

In sum, Zayed National Museum can vastly benefit from these trends on top of the image of UAE as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world today for its luxurious hotels and malls. In terms of social trends, Zayed National Museum can take advantage of – 1) people's desire to experience creative and artistic enlightenment; 2) people's sense of belonging with the art crowd is increasing; ) art today is in and to be called artistically-aware and information-rich is cool.

On the other hand, there is now intense competition among museums that are fueled by savvy marketing and effort to brand cultural institutions at par with commercial industries.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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