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The paper "Strategic Marketing Plan for Sport UNE" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Modern lifestyles have brought many advantages to society today; however, they pose health risks that ought to be addressed. The type of foods taken and the ease of transport methods are some of the issues that should be addressed. Fast foods can cause the people to be obese and driving to and from work on a daily basis makes one unfit and prone to attack from diseases. These issues require that an individual takes measure to make sure that they are healthy and physically fit at all times.

Sport Une is a reliable partner to enable you to achieves this goal. The institution can, however, expand its aerobic service. Currently, aqua aerobics is available. The standard aerobics could also be included in this program. This plan will capture new clients such as water phobic adults, children and individuals with health conditions that are advised to stay away from cold water. The program will be offered three times during the day, morning, lunch hour and evening sessions.

The sessions will include a group of people that will follow the lead trainer as they exercise to music tune. Introduction Sport UNE is one of the paramount university sporting grounds in Australia. It offers a wide variety of services and facilities to the public. The goal of the institution is to provide its clients with a well-adjusted improved and happy lifestyle. Healthy workers are three times more productive (chia & Wong, 2012). The services and facilities of the institution are therefore critical to the health of individuals and the economy as a whole.

The benefits of healthy living are evident as the clients are always happy, and they maintain a long-lasting business relationship with the institution. The facilities available include a gym, group fitness rooms, playing fields, swimming pool, café , indoor climbing wall, multi-purpose halls, tennis courts, badminton courts, and squash courts among others. The amenities are state of the art and are located on a fifteen-hectare land. There are also fun activities such as boot camp that the clients can take part in. Members have the privilege of accessing the facilities once they join a membership plan available.

The membership can be one month, three months, six months or annually. The charges are affordable, and the payment methods include an upfront fee, direct debit, and salary sacrifice for the employees. Students are eligible to a twenty percent discount when they subscribe to the three months, six months, or annual membership plans. Smart objectives Sport UNE mission is to achieve healthy and fit clients. Recent Australian research showed that unhealthy workers take up to nine times more sick leave compared to their healthy workers (Wade, 1988).

The unhealthy co-workers are also three times less productive a situation that hurts the business. The goals of the institution are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely. The institution aims to enable its clients to achieve their individual goals. This is achieved by the various training facilities and services. Porter five competitive forces Supply power The qualified body trainers help the clients to achieve their goal whether it is weight loss or weight gain. The gym available is well equipped with all kinds of the latest equipment. The gym facilities include pin loaded, free weights and plate-loaded, the cardio section has treadmills, recumbent bikes all with touch screen displays and personal entertainment.

The staffs that are friendly and professional assist those who require help or advice. The gym also has a designated area that is private for scratching. The product of the training is visible as the clients are satisfied. They are able to achieve the objective they had when they walked in the institution. The period to achieve the goal is also determined once the member joins and is accomplished before its deadline.


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