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The paper "Designing and Executing Strategy" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The focus of this marketing plan is on SportUNE, one of the business offerings provided by the UNE Life organization. The paper begins with a description of SportUNE and the relevance of its mission and objectives. This will be followed by determining the level in the hierarchy of strategies that applies to SportUNE. Porter’ s Five Forces Model is critical for business as it enables an evaluation of their competitive environment. The model will be used to ascertain the opportunities and competitive threats that face SportUNE. It is an accepted fact that businesses can adopt different strategies as they go through their lifecycles.

The paper will determine the business-level competitive strategy that applies to SportUNE. This will lead to an understanding of the marketing strategies that will be effective. An evaluation of the micro and macro environment will then follow with a view to determining the strategic challenges facing SportUNE. The paper will then shift to the influence of market research and the impact of product, price, distribution, and promotion policies on marketing decisions.

The paper will conclude with an evaluation of the relevance of segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning to SportUNE.   STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN Introduction SportUNE is one of the core parts of UNE Life, a body that was created in 2004 with the intention of stimulating the lives of students, staff, and the community around the University of New England. According to the Department of Health (2015), the Australian Government is committed to stimulating healthy lifestyles and addressing the issue of obesity. SportUNE has a similar mission with its intention to ensure that its members find a suitable balance between work and physical pursuits (SportUNE, 2015).

Its commitment to furthering the well-being of its members can be seen from the fact that it operates as a non-profit organization that is controlled by the university. Smart Objectives Organizations need clearly defined strategies in order to be successful. By definition, a strategy is a fundamental pattern of current and future objectives (Karami, 2012). This illustrates that objectives form a core part of strategies and that they need to be specific and measurable to ensure that a business has reasonable targets.

When it comes to SportUNE, the focus is on ensuring that students, staff, and the local community enjoy world-class sports facilities and programs. This leads to the conclusion that the body’ s objective is to attain the highest possible membership per academic year. SportUNE has consistently achieved its SMART objective as it boasts participation rates that are among the highest in Australian Universities. Moreover, SportUNE has extended its reach beyond the university by providing its services to the nearby community. When it comes to expansion, SportUNE has an objective to expand by increasing the penetration of its services to its current market.

Diversification is an alternative growth strategy as SportUNE caters to those who may want to lose weight, train for sports, improve fitness, release stress, socialize, improve energy levels, and undergo rehabilitation. Hierarchy of Strategies As stated, SportUNE’ s core business is enabling its members to lead balanced and healthy lives that include physical activities. As part of the larger UNE Life, SportUNE will concentrate on the functional level of strategies. This will involve looking at ways of attracting the highest number of members from the student body as well as the community.

In addition to marketing, functional level strategies will also include finance operations, human resource management, and the maintenance of facilities. On the other hand, UNE Life which can be regarded as the parent organization focuses on the corporate level strategies as well as the business-level strategy. These strategies encompass the allocation of resources to the various offerings provided by UNE Life. Moreover, UNE Life also concentrates on ensuring that the various ventures are sustainable.

This is of vital importance to SportUNE given that it is a non-profit organization. This means that SportUNE must grow and improve its facilities without having to raise membership fees to match for-profit businesses in the same sector.


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