Essays on Managerial Decision-Making and Leadership the Essential Pocket Strategy Case Study

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  The paper "Managerial Decision-Making and Leadership the Essential Pocket Strategy " is a great example of a Management Case Study. Since its establishment in 2014, UNE Life has enabled successful collaboration between different services at the University of New England (UNE) and SportUNE. The main aim of the establishment of UNE life is to ensure that the institution provides a streamlined and consistent approach to the provision of services and facilities at the university. The focus is one the stimulation of on-campus activities and the provision of an atmosphere which enables the students and the staff including the surrounding community with enjoyable and relatively comfortable university life.

For UNE Life to be able to experience ultimate success in its natives it is important to introduce a workable and relevant strategic marketing plan. The main objective of this paper will be to develop a strategic plan for UNE Life. This will be through an assessment of the prevailing conditions within the institution and the best possible approaches that can be used in realizing its goals and objectives. The relevance of the mission statement, SMART objectives, and the hierarchy of strategies for UNE Life The mission of UNE Life is to provide students, the community and university staff with an environment that stimulates on-campus activities such that the university life of every stakeholder is made much easier and comfortable.

This mission has enabled the UNE Life to engage in the proviso of services and products aimed at facilitating the ability of the target customers to operate in a highly educative, entertaining and healthy environment for university education. In terms of the SMART objectives, UNE Life aims at forging lasting and successful collaboration between existing services that are provided by UNE and those of SportUNE.

Through such collaborative efforts, it becomes easier to pol resources in ways that reduce the cost incurred while promoting the provision of quality products and services for the target customers in the university. In addition, through UNE Life the University has the objective of ensuring that in the period when students are engaged d in the institution for learning purposes, they also get to live a healthy and balanced life by accessing additional services that cater to their health, entertainments and academic needs. In terms of a hierarchy of strategies, the UNE is a learning institution and this means that prior to the operationalization of all the other non-academic related services, the university ensures that its students are provided with the best learning environment to boost their academic performance and professional development (Alton 2013).

In addition, the realization that extracurricular activities such as sports are essential in the growth and development of students informs the existence of SportUNE. This provides the students, staff, and community with impressive sports and fitness facilities.

The realization that the overall development of the students and other stakeholders requires relation time informs the existence of The ‘ Stro. This is a popular student bar and night club. Other services such as the Café Life, Life Functions and Catering, The Belgrave Cinema and Graduation Services are considered integral in the success of UNE Life in terms of offering students with services and opportunities that enhance their academic and career life while at the University.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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