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The paper 'The Most Comprehensive Marketing Resource in Existence' is a great example of a Marketing Assignment. UNE life mission is relevant since its purpose is to equip students with quality information and skills. As such, the students are equipped through historical excellence in research, student’ s personal experience, commitments in diversified innovation, and inclusivity. The academic culture of UNE, research carried out and service delivery is always relevant to the communities being served. This, therefore, indicates the distinctive students graduating from the UNE campus tradition through the academic culture of the university become relevant to the society (Annual Report 2013). SMART Objectives UNE Life distinguishes its activities through the quality of students' experience compared to other Universities.

It has been achievable a high standard of teaching embracing new technologies and delivery options, continuous promotion of academic culture in University, and intensive research in the Institution regardless of when and how the students wish to engage with the institution. The adoption of innovative educational technology to boost student learning is among the SMART objectives. As such, the institution intends to expand and enhance study centers through online networks to serve students in different geographical locations.

To achieve the goal, the University continues to employ new strategies in robust technologies that are sustainable in teaching and learning hence achieving new innovative ideas beneficial to society (Annual Report 2013). The University intends continuously to achieve international distinction in various fields during research. The objective is seen promising after the award of $ 1.3 million grant in the UNE Life School of Environmental and Rural Sciences Hierarchy of strategies for UNE Life UNE Life is a sub-department of UNE.

Services offered at UNE Life retain a working structure similar to that of UNE though too much functioning and orders arise from UNE. The department also has a committee that is answerable to the director of UNE. The beneficiaries of UNE Life are the members of UNE inclusive of students after which UNE Life offer leisure and sporting activities towards the community hence attracting more customers, sponsors and stakeholders (Open Council Minutes 2014) UNE Life Porter’ s Five Analysis UNELife experience a shorter trading period of only 22 weeks of one & two trimesters. For the business to prosper UNELife expects the campus to offer three trimesters including the online and on-campus students.

Food and beverage price for students is still sensitive to determine the buying power (Open Council Minutes 2014) Using the Sport UNE. As per the annual report, show students’ participating in sports is very high compared to any other university. The program proves to be much efficient to the students and UNE Life through the purchase of sports clothes and equipment while paying to use the UNE facilities hence boosting the financial capabilities of UNE Life.

As such, the institution doest encounter competitive rivalry (UNE Armidale 2013) UNE Life intends to connect with the community hence justified as a new threat entre to compete with other organizations. The initiative intends to promo Sport UNE and Belgrave Cinema in the society. Filling of Sport UNE in reality TV rugby will attract sponsors & various business partnerships in the society and the major beneficiaries are the UNE Life and the UNE.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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